POSH Online Training-Create Awareness & Prevent Incidents

Despite the POSH Act being in place since 2013 and a 2024 amendment under consideration, many working women still prefer not to report workplace sexual harassment. This alarming statistics raises the question that needs immediate attention -'Why don't victims report it'? While there could be several reasons both social and personal for victims not [...]

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UI and UX Design Principles for E-Learning Makeover

According to Interaction Design Foundation - User Interface (UI) design is the process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with a focus on usability and style. Designers aim to create designs that users will find easy to use and pleasurable. UI design typically refers to graphical user interfaces but also includes others, [...]

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7 E-learning Trends to Include in Your Custom E-learning Solution

You are an L&D or a training professional and you want to create learner-centric bespoke e-learning solutions for your organization. So how do you ensure that your custom e-learning is matching with the current e-learning trends and you create a solution that meets the dynamic business environment? Well here is my blog which underscores [...]

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12 Popular Ways To Improve E-learning Infographics

What are infographics? Infographic is a solution for presenting information through palatable visual nuggets. In general, there are two types of infographics -   1.Quantitative 2.Qualitative Infographics When the infographics are designed for the purpose of learning and when delivered through the various modes of e-learning like mobile, desktop etc, it’s called e-learning infographics. [...]

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Content Gamification Vs Structured Gamification In E-Learning

There is no doubt that e-learning gamification is one the most favorite corporate learning strategies for various corporate training requirements. Gamification of learning is a broad term that can be further divided into two types-structural gamification and content gamification. Both structural gamification and content gamification give a game like experience but their design methodologies differ. [...]

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Top E-Learning Motion Graphics Trends For 2019

Motion graphics in e-learning are amazing visual storytelling tools to communicate ideas/ concepts or any learning in a captivating, manner and can keep the audiences engaged.  As we’re a few days into 2019, let’s explore the top e-learning motion graphic trends for 2019. 1.The all pervasive 3D  The use of 3D graphics content is gaining [...]

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Top 5 Microlearning Trends For 2019

Microlearning emerged as a popular trend in 2018 and as we step into 2019, microlearning continues to evolve as a better learning strategy. So what can one expect in 2019 about microlearning? Let’s explore the top microlearning trends for 2019. What is microlearning? A quick refresher For the benefit of my readers a quick refresher [...]

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