Humans: The Weakest Link in Information Security- 5 Statistics that Proves it

According to Experian’s Managing Insider Risk Through Training and Culture Report,66 percent of respondents admit that employees are the weakest link in their efforts to create a strong security measure for their companies. Have you ever thought about how much damage a user can bring to the organisation by clicking a spam link or [...]

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How to Get Started with Gomo Learning?

Gomo learning suite is the part of Learning Technologies group. It offers two products, they are : i) Gomo Authoring Gomo Authoring is a cloud-based collaborative authoring tool which lets you create, responsive, adaptive and multi-device e-learning courses. It is one of the cloud-based authoring tools to offer the capability to work on both [...]

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Nine Social Media Tools Which you Can Use for E-Learning

Social media is being extensively used by the millennials and is also catching the fancy of other generations because it empowers them to share, be in touch and express their emotions and feelings. So how can you leverage the power of social media to promote your e-learning courses either within or outside the organization? [...]

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