With a “smart” phone in almost every corporate hand; it’s time we make our learning modules smarter too!

Here are 5 things that you can do to make the e-learning experience truly sMart (with a dash of “M” to it)!

1. Make it social!

  • Mobile devises are powerful modes of social communication. They open up a completely new dimension to social learning. (you are seeing this post on the LI blog!…truly e-social; aren’t we? )

2. Break the course into byte sized modules

  • Most people will engage with your course “on-the-go” using a mobile devise. You don’t want to leave them hanging!

3. Build a “suspense” or curiosity element at the end of each module

  • More curious the learner, more the desire to learn.

4. Use gamification elements to induce competition and collaboration

  • We play mobile games with a lot of passion. Gamifying an m-learning course will give us a chance to learn something good while at play!

5. Make it responsive

  • Have an option to shift from a computer to a mobile and vice-versa. Remember-technology should be an enabler and not a disabler!