When we design gamified e-learning modules for our clients, two of the most common requirements (read: reasons for gamification) that we come across are
1. Enhance learner engagement and
2. Maximize learning (retention, recall and hopefully application!)

While gamification by itself is quite exciting (if done right) and has the potential to address these needs, adding tangible rewards to the gamified learning module can sometimes work wonders in enhancing motivation levels and boosting the esteem needs of the learners.
The first step in planning the rewards for such an intervention is to think from the learner’s perspective and ask yourself the golden question: WIIFM? or “What’s In It For Me?”
With a little brainstorming you can list out a lot of “things” you can give away as rewards, but “How” you roll them out is equally important as “what” you choose to give away as rewards- if you wish to achieve the desired results from your gamified e-learning module.

To help you make the right choice, here are a few types of reward mechanisms that you can incorporate in your next gamified e-learning module:

1. Fixed Rewards
A fixed reward can be announced for achieving a milestone, completing a section or the module. The fixed reward mechanism can be used as a mode to boost competition (like in sports) or increase speed of completion of a module by linking it to a leaderboard.

2. Sudden Surprise Rewards
These rewards are not announced initially and a learner can suddenly achieve a reward “unexpectedly”. An element of probability can also be used for planning these rewards. Such rewards can give a gush of motivation to the achiever and keep others motivated to not drop out our slowdown.

3. Mystery Box
This is a variant of the “Fixed Rewards” model where the milestones are fixed and announced but the rewards are not! Different learners can get different rewards for achieving the same milestone.

4. Peer to Peer Rewards
These rewards can be designed to be given by one learner to another for “doing” something. These can act as wonderful motivators for building collaboration and peer recognition.

Which one is “the one” for you?

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