Prevention and redressal of sexual harassment continues to be a major concern in most of the organizations. even after several years of enactment of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment At Workplace (POSH) Act 2013. In majority of cases, it is observed that the lack of awareness among the employees is leading to greater prevalence of sexual harassment incidents at workplace. One of easiest and fastest way of making the employees aware of the types of sexual harassment, the salient features of the POSH Act and the redressal mechanism is to make them go through an online POSH training. Moreover with the current physical distancing norms, where classroom POSH training is a strict no-no, an online POSH employee training is the best and safest alternative 

In this blog, let us explore the top six reasons why you should definitely have an online POSH learning in your organization.

1. Puts the learners at ease while dealing with a sensitive topic

Sexual harassment at workplace is seen as a sensitive topic and many people are not comfortable to talk about it in the public domains. While classroom training for POSH has its share of advantages, the single, biggest advantage which e-learning on POSH provides, is the comfort of learning about a sensitive topic at the learner’s own pace and place.  Like, some women employees might not be comfortable discussing topics like touching, stroking, patting, lewd gestures in a classroom but can go through it without getting conscious while undergoing an on online POSH learning. Hence this point marks an important reason to have an online POSH learning.

2. Best way to depict the actual workplace incidents

Online POSH learning will make the learning process more engaging and interactive for the learners. With the use of scenario-based learning approach, depicting real life situations can be a breeze in an online POSH training. Using a scenario based learning approach makes the entire learning experience relevant and contextual. The various topics of POSH Act like-what is sexual harassment? why does sexual harassment happen at a workplace? what are the various forms of sexual harassment?  etc. can be depicted with where a workplace environment can be simulated and can lead to better retention and recall with the learners. This cannot be achieved with an equal impact in the classroom training environment. 

For more detailed version of POSH scenarios please click here.

3.Consistency of training

POSH e-learning/POSH training online can be administered at regular frequency and can include post-training assessments, which can be used to gauge the learners understanding and clarity levels on the subject. To prevent incidents of sexual harassment at workplace organizations, can regularly administer the online training to their employees (set interval of 6 months). Regular online learning can make the employees aware of sexual harassment and they can identify and prevent one from happening.

POSH e-learning also ensures consistency of message and content across the organization rather than depending on the trainer specific style.

4. Visuals are powerful means of communication

According to the social science research network, 65% of people are visual learners and one of the best ways to communicate the message to the learners is by including visual content. Use of the visual content like animation and images in the e-learning module, it helps the learners to understand the concepts well. This makes online learning on sexual harassment at the workplace the right strategy to create awareness among the employees.
These are the top reasons to use online POSH training scores over classroom training. So have you used online POSH training to train your employees? If not give it a try.

Click here to experience a scenario based e-learning on POSH.

5. Increased ROI on training investments

POSH training is a mandatory compliance training and all the employees across the organization including various offices, branches, contract staff etc. are required to go through it. E-Learning is the fastest and the most cost effective mode of delivering such training. The initial cost of procuring an e-learning course might seem high but it is like a one-time investment, the benefits of which get derived over a period of time. Moreover every time a new employee is joining the organization he/she needs to be trained on POSH and an online POSH training is the best way to “learn on the go” .

6. Offers various options for localization and customization

In the case of an online POSH training, it is always possible to get the e-module localized to various Indian languages. This becomes quite contextual specially when dealing with employees-blue collared or white collared spread across various states and regions. Also there are vendors like us, who offer customization options for the POSH e-module, which helps organizations build in their specific POSH policies and case studies into the e-module, making it more contextual to the organization.