Why “should” I learn using my mobile devise?

Choose the most appropriate answer (in your mind only! No clicking required)

1. It is the most enjoyable thing to do at the time
2. Use my free time productively
3. Mobiles are easy to distribute content with
4. Our company has started M-Learning

Curious to know the correct answer? Read on….

All of us do things we love to do using our mobile devices like talking, chatting, playing games, listening to music and shopping.

Now, when learning has to jostle for the same space, it has to compete with all these interesting things by becoming more interesting and engaging (read: enjoyable).

So, when you take a learning course like “Time Management” or “Information Security ”, and want your learner to “learn” using a mobile devise- it better be “the most enjoyable thing to do at that time” – for learning to actually happen.

There! You got your answer!!

One simple way to do this is to see what exactly you-yourself enjoy doing most with on your mobile?

Once you identify the apps and sites that have successfully found their pride of place in your list, give a second thought to each one of them to understand- what is it that makes you like it- love it- engage with it.

The answers you get are the elements you need to explore imbibing in your m-learning modules.
Here is a quick example:

A very interesting experience of mine that is directly related to m-learning is Duolingo- the language learning app—-they got it right!

Learning Spanish has been on my wish list for a very long time and was a part of many new year resolutions which eventually turned into 5 year plans powered by procrastination- during which I picked up few books, few CDs few movies….but not much progress done.

And one day Bingo! I chanced upon Duolingo.

Result: Learning Spanish is not on my New Year Resolution list of 2016!

The difference,

1. Highly interactive : tap- type-listen-speak
2. Changes difficulty levels as per my learning pace
3. “Talks” to me and nudges me to achieve my goals
4. Most importantly- I am enjoying the experience and not “learning like a chore”

I also realized that, when stuck in traffic or at the airport, all of us usually reach out for the mobile devise and the tool that we find most engaging is the one that gets engaged.

In my case Duolingo beat all others hands down!

So I am full-on to start learning another language now!

The takeaway:

A good learning objective + Gamification + Mobile Devise = Bingo! you enjoy the experience; learning happens automatically.