As we know, employee induction training is a critical process when hiring new employees as it helps them to build the base, have a very positive first experience and get an objective view of the company. It also offers them an opportunity to meet other key employees of the company.

While the traditional classroom way of inducting employees  is more human centric  as it involves personalized and face to face interactions, but can lead to poor retention of the learning topics and the interest of the employees to attend the induction training reduces if not delivered in a right manner. This problem of inducting employees through a classroom training can be solved to a big extent with the use of gamification in employee Induction training.

Here in this blog, I am sharing few aspects of why an employee induction training must be gamified.

1.Creates fun filled and stress-free environment

A classroom training program is defined by hours of lectures, presentations which can put anybody to stress.

The gamified employee induction creates a stress-free, convenient and fun environment for learning.  Everybody enjoys playing games and scoring points and gamified employee induction uses the same theory to promote a stress-free environment for learning. It makes the induction programs enjoyable and engaging and  thus enhances the learning effectiveness of employee on boarding.

2. Leads to increased retention of the topics

When employees enjoy the learning process, they will definitely remember and recollect it more which helps in easy on boarding. Just imagine how cool it will be if the culture, mission, and vision of the company is learned in a gamified way than just reading the printed handouts given in a traditional classroom.

3. Easy to build in assessments 

Learning is complete only when there are assessments. Gamified employee induction training can include customized assessments for the employees based on the learning paths taken by them, which is a rather difficult task in a traditional learning way.

4.Rewarding the learners

Who doesn’t like the rewards? Gamified employee induction helps the learners to achieve awards, points, and scores for completing the tasks, milestones, and challenges on time. This makes the learning experience interesting for the learners to complete the module which is absent in traditional learning way.

Through gamification, new-hires are on boarded in a stress-free manner, which boosts their confidence and allows them to deliver better.