While watching a Horror movie, most of us will feel frightened, scary and nervous and will be shivering until the lights are on. Have you ever wondered which factor scares you the most? Is it graphics? The Ghost? The Background or the Music?

Music is one of the elements which creates an immersive effect in the minds of the audience, it makes us to revoke emotions and creates positive impressions around us.

Even in E-Learning while developing Scenario based modules, Animation content and Games music helps to increase the learner engagement and to create a smooth learning experience for the learners.

In this blog, I will be sharing some of the popular sites to choose free music for your multimedia projects :

Sl No Name Website Features
1 Freesound https://freesound.org 1. One of the popular free music website offering more than 230000 sound effects

2. In order to download you need to register which is totally free

3. A wide range of sounds to choose from :
• Ambiance
• Nature
• Animals
• Musical Instruments
• Nature

4. Search option to find by tag, or by correct sound for your project.

2 Incompetech https://incompetech.com 1. Offers royalty free music and creative commons music from Kevin Macleod

2. Option to define your search by filters on
• Genre
• Feel
• Tempo
• Length.

3. You can use the music for free by attributing to the artist.

3 BBC Sound Effects http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/ 1. A vast collection of more than 16,000 free sound effects.

2. Available for free to the public

3. It can be used only for personal, educational or research purposes.

4. The files are in WAV format and it is used under the terms of RemArc Licence.

4 Free SFX http://www.freesfx.co.uk 1. One of the popular websites to source free music tracks and sound effects for your multimedia project.

2. It has a wide range of categories from
• Folk
• Jazz
• World music.

3. You can use the files for commercial and multimedia projects as well.

4. It has paid feature option as well.

5 Free Soundtrack Music https://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com 1. A wide range of musical database of royalty free music for Film, Video productions and even for multimedia projects.

2. Option to search for the music by genre, musical instrument or category.

3. You need to register as a member in order to download the file.

4. If you are using any files from this website, you have to give credit to the author by providing a URL in your project.

6 Publicdomain4u http://publicdomain4u.com 1. These files are publicly available and can be used only by the member of the public

2. The site features a wide collection of songs of past time.

3. There are various genres like
• String bands
• Choir
• Folk
• Instrumental
• Big band
• Hawaiian music.

7 Josh Woodward https://www.joshwoodward.com 1. It offers both vocal and instrumental tracks for your multimedia projects.

2. You can download the music for free, in order to download Josh entire collection download charge is $40.

3. You can download the files in the following format :
• Mp3

4. You can use the files for multimedia projects however you need to list the author in “Credits” section.

5. Option to edit the files and customize the track as per your preference.

8 Partners in Rhyme www.partnersinrhyme.com 1. One of the popular sites delivering royalty free music since 1996.

2. Both paid and free songs as available on the website.

3. A wide range of genres like :

• Film Soundtracks
• Rock and Pop music
• Positive, emotional music
• Instrumental
• Ambient Music
• Sound Effects and many more

4. You can use these videos for your Youtube Videos and for commercial projects as well.

5 . Option to download the files in high quality stereo WAV format.

9 Soundbible http://soundbible.com/ 1. Popular free sound effects website offering more than 100 + files in their website

2. The files can be used by
• Students
• Teachers
• Faculty
• Starving Artist

3. In order to make it for Commercial use, if they are under Public Domain License you can use it.

4. Option to download the files in
WAV and Mp3 format

5. New music is updated every week and everything is free.

6. Wide range of genres like :

• Animal Sounds
• Nature Sounds
• Vehicle Sounds
• Machine Sounds and many more

10 Bensound https://www.bensound.com 1. Offers royalty free music with a childish and happy mood tunes.

2. Tracks helps the audience to feel good and to add a positive mood to your audience.

3. Option to download the files in MP3 format.

4. You can use for your multimedia projects as long you are crediting the artist.

5. Popular Categories like :

• Acoustic
• Cinematic
• Corporate
• Electronica
• Funky
• Jazz
• Rock and others.

These are some of the popular websites I came across while I was writing this blog, still there are lot more websites that helps you to choose music for your multimedia projects.

In my view by adding music to your project it adds a charm to the overall experience.