Text-To-Speech (TTS) software is a fantastic way to add a narration track to your custom e-learning development. A Text-To-Speech software converts normal text into speech thus enabling the courses to become Section 508 compliant and create accessible e-learning modules to help differently-abled learners. TTS also helps in easy editing of the audio while the course is under development.

Let’s now look at 5 most Popular Text to Speech tools used for e-learning:

1. Ivona (https://www.ivona.com/)

As a member of Amazon group of companies, Ivona is one of the best TTS software tools in the market. It covers 24 languages with both male and female voices and it has partnered with Read Speaker to bring out the optimized performance on almost all devices, as well as the ability to integrate Ivona into other applications. 

2. Natural Reader (https://www.naturalreaders.com/)

It is another great TTS software available for both Windows and Mac OS. It offers the ability to change the rate of speech. It also has a free version and is compatible with PDF, Word files and Web pages. It additionally has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, which enables you to scan the text and convert it into the digital text, where you can listen to it in the audio form or save it to your system. 

3.Balabolka (www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm)

Balabolka can read the clipboard content effortlessly using the text to speech process from several different file formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC and much more. It uses different editions of Microsoft Speech API to read the text and allows you to configure the voice options. It publishes the audio output in MP3, WAV, ACC and many other file formats. Moreover, this tool allows you to save the text with subtitles in the metadata of the sound file or in the LRC format. 

4.iSpeech (https://www.ispeech.org/)

iSpeech is a TTS software with the ability to convert text to many audio formats such as Wav, MP3, Ogg and is compatible with iOS and Android versions as well. iSpeech’s open source text to speech function allows you to voice-enable even text from chat applications. 

5.Read Clip (http://www.readclip.com/)

Read Clip is a program which was originally developed as a blogger’s tool to read and write posts on internet forums. It is a TTS reader that can read and spell check posts and manage several text and picture clips at a time in Windows Clipboard. Combined with Hotkeys Macros, ReadClip is the most powerful TTS reader on the market which is free and will never expire.

TTS is an important tool for any e-learning development and the rapid advancement in its features like mobile support across iOS and Android devices, subtitling in the form of metadata etc will definitely benefit the e-learning developer community.