Today’s dynamic business environment demands the employees to constantly upgrade and update their skills for which the learning has to be short, precise and available at the time of their need. The changing work environment has given rise to a new concept of learning through small bits of online courses and it is called as “Microlearning”

Micro learning is a focused learning method that is designed to provide  small and specific bite size units of content to learners to fulfill a specific learning outcome.

A few of the commonly recognized benefits of microlearning are listed below:


It is learner-centric where the learner has the power and can choose the content. It provides a personalized and flexible learning path which can be accessed from multiple devices.

Just in Time:

Microlearning is available to learners at the moment of their learning need and on demand. Here, the learner pulls the content and learns rather than the content is pushed to the learner to learn.

Increases Employees Performance :

As Microlearning is available on demand and is accessed as bite-sized content, it is likely to have higher retention rate thereby it increases employee performance.

Cost Effective :

Microlearning is a cost-effective training tool and it is more engaging as it includes multimedia elements and motion graphics. The content is reusable and shareable as well.

Some of the areas where Microlearning can be effective are:

  1. Sales Training
  2. Troubleshooting tips for customer service and maintenance teams
  3. Software simulation
  4. Compliance related topics like safety, POSH, information security etc at the workplace.

Thus,Microlearning can be a great way to keep your training fresh, accessible, and relevant.