A custom e-learning course offers a wide range of advantages that could be well worth the investment. Needless to say, its biggest advantage is the ability to design the course as per the organization’s learning goals.

While off the shelf e-learning courses are often less costly and more convenient, but the custom e-learning solutions are more personalized and learner-centric. Experienced e-learning development companies take care of every aspect of your custom e-learning course development and help to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the online learning and optimize the return on investment.

At XLPro, we engage with our clients to develop e-learning solutions suited to their specific learning needs and work towards quick delivery of such solutions by using rapid authoring tools, our in-house graphics library as well as our pre-built templates library.

We strongly believe that organizations can greatly benefit from custom e-learning development especially for the online learning of topics like employee induction, business partner induction, code of conduct, ethics and values, leadership skills, product training, sales skills training, safety training, compliance training etc.

Here in this blog, we are presenting the top four benefits of custom e-learning development.

Focused Learning

Custom e-learning caters to the specific needs of your learners. It focuses on the key skill sets and the subject matter to engage the learners in the learning process. Learners can relate to the content and gather the information they need, which eventually motivates them to learn and master the skills they will be using on a daily basis.

Increased engagement

With custom e-learning development, you can provide the learners with reference guides, customized scenarios, and other multimedia elements that allows them to access information quickly and conveniently.

This leads to higher engagement and increases the learner’s retention and recall.

Cost Effective

Custom e-learning development is a one-time investment.Since the ownership of the content rest with you, there is no need to pay monthly license fees. The only additional cost involved will be for updating the content ( if required) at a later stage.The courses can be used as many times as the learner requires and one does not need to worry about hosting or licensing costs relating to the module.

Though the initial cost for custom- e-learning development is high, the long-term investment is much lower.

Assessments to suit  your goals

Assessment is one of the most important components of any e-learning course. Assessments benefit the learner by reinforcing the information and providing helpful guidance through specific feedback.Custom development allows you to define the assessment patterns best suited for your learners and determine if your course is successfully delivered with core ideas, skills and required information or there are any areas that may need improvement.

To conclude, customized e-learning can be the best solution as long as you research your options thoroughly and find the right vendor. When it comes to training your learners on specific new initiatives, processes, procedures, or systems, consider custom e-learning to present your message effectively.