Pharmaceutical sales executives face a challenging work environment with changing doctors needs, intense competitions, target deadline and promoting a long list of products. They will be on the field most of the time as one has to cover a large territory.

So it is quite difficult to get all executives trained in one go, here Microlearning will act as a catalyst. So here in the blog let’s see How Microlearning is used for Sales training in Pharma Industry.

1. Efficient use of employee time:

By providing the sales team with the training material before a classroom training is conducted one can utilize the valuable time of classroom training to further build and improve their understanding of knowledge gained from the digital training material. Pre-assessment tools such as video and infographics can be used for efficient use of employee time. These tools can also be used for post-assessment to gauge the employee performance and identify knowledge gaps.

2. Learning on the go:

While most of the Medical representatives are on the field, there is a possibility that they may not be able to recall all the training learned in classroom training. With help of Microlearning tools, one can brush up the information quickly before the meeting happens. It gives learners need to know the information in tiny and digestible bites that are easy to read and absorb whenever they want info.

3. Product Knowledge:

Doctors expect pharmaceutical sales rep to be knowledgeable so that he will contribute to patient outcomes. With help of Mobile app, infographics, interactive pdfs and animated videos it adds value to the knowledge. It is easy for a sales rep to be updated with the latest knowledge, trends, and competitors. It will also empower an executive to tackle the questions asked by a doctor regarding the product.

4. Regulations and compliance:

An organization can mitigate risk & liability by ensuring reps truly absorb compliance information. Sales & marketing teams need to stay updated with confidence. Microlearning videos and modules act as a refresher and ongoing training reduces risks & governance issues. It will also increase retention of Compliance training and it can be even localized and presented in the language the learner understands.

5. Flexibility across multiple devices:

Microlearning gives the flexibility to play on multiple devices ranging from tablets to smart-phones. As these are small sized modules it will help in employee retention and gives flexibility to the employee to learn whenever they want to learn. One can also interact in the forums and social platforms in case of any queries. With the help of points and leader-boards, an organization can motivate the employees to learn new modules and move up the career ladder.

A Pharmaceutical company can face challenges such as constantly updating knowledge, developing training programs and making these contents to available on the move can be managed easily using microlearning.