In my previous blog I had written about Mobile learning Apps and why are they popular. Hence in this blog I would like to share a comprehensive list on types of mobile learning apps, which are popular in the market and their purpose :

Mobile learning apps can be classified into:

1. Workplace learning apps
2. Skill building apps
3. Educational apps
4. Hobby apps

1. For Workplace Learning :

The apps which are used for workplace learning focus on improving the productivity of the employees. Organization makes this mandatory for the employees to learn and train themselves using the workplace learning apps.

The main benefits of Workplace learning apps are :

1. Teaching employees on the move
2. For a quick refresher on certain topic
3. For inform about a quick update to the employees

Some of the common business units who use Workplace learning apps popularly are

• Operations Team
• Sales Team
• Finance Team
• IT Team

Some of the examples of Workplace learning apps are :

• Udemy
• Lynda
• Google Primer
• Evernote

2. Skill Building apps

Skill building apps help the learners to build certain skills based on the particular area of interest. It can be a new topic of interest for the learner or a new area which the learner want to explore.

For example, if you want to learn a new skill like learning a new language, there are various popular language learning apps such as Duolingo

Some common areas where the learner use skill building apps are :

• Learning a new program
• Learning a new software
• Learning a new language
• Communication Skills
• Trading skills (stock market and share market) and so on.

Some of the examples of Skill building apps are :

• Learn Python
• Programming Hub
• Space Nation Navigation
• Linkedin Learning
• Duolingo

3. Education apps for K – 12 classrooms

The present day education market is witnessing the rise of various Educational apps which is helping the learners to educate themselves on particular academic topics and subjects. These apps are widely used from Pre schooling to college graduation and where the learner is able to use the app for various academic learning. Some of these apps to prepare for entrance exams as well. As these apps are portable in nature it can be easily accessed from classroom and even at home thus making it convenient for the learner to learn at any time.

Some of the popular educational apps are :

• Daily Rounds
• Edx
• Khan Academy

4. For Hobbies

Hobbies applications are the applications which are used by the users to explore something and to pursue their passion. It might be learning a musical instrument, or learning how to dance, learning how to paint and a host of other hobbies, which one could learn with the help of these apps. As these works on handheld devices across multiple platforms it gives the power to the user to learn the hobbies at his spare time. These apps are designed in a manner to give a lot of practice to the learners and allowing them a complete freedom to learn what they want and how they want.

• Sketch Book – Draw and Paint
• Pocket Salsa
• Amazon Kindle

These are some of the popular apps, which I found while browsing in Google Play Store and I can see the App Store is increasing everyday with different variety of apps. According to Statista, the mobile app downloads is expected to cross 352 billion in 2021. Day by day we can see more number of apps used by us in various phases of lives, I am really curious to see how these m-learning apps will change the future of learning and make our learning experience better and more personalised.