2018 was a year to remember for the world of workplace learning. As we are nearing the end of this fun-filled year, I thought to collate a list of all the important resources that were published on our blog page and were shared and re-shared across the learning and e-learning industry around the world. Make sure you bookmark this page as I am certain that it will be the best index of everything you want to know about e-learning.

1.Instructional Design in E-Learning

To design and develop e-learning, it is important to follow a set of general guidelines or a framework which can guide the course design and development process to achieve the learning objective. This is achieved by following an Instructional design model which guides the designers with a set of rules, guidelines standards, and framework, etc. So what is your chosen e-learning design model to develop the e-learning?

If you are looking to learn more about them, here is a short write up from our resources –
Types Of Instructional Design Models that discuss the following –

1.Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction
2.ASSURE Model
3.Merrill’s Principles of Instruction
4.The Kemp Instructional Design model

In the domain of e-learning, instructional designers prefer to use the ADDIE model. While the strategy is not new, it still holds its relevance today
To know more on, you can refer to my blog here –How to Implement ADDIE Model in E-learning.

E-Learning storyboarding

The key to every successful e-learning course is its storyboard. E-learning storyboards make the e-learning design and development process much more simple and efficient. Here is an interesting read that was written to provide popular tips to create an effective e-learning storyboard.
Click here –Popular tips to create an Effective E-learning Storyboard.

2. Visual Design in E-Learning

In the development of e-learning, the design phase is very crucial. At this stage, the instructional designer has to decide on how to best impart the knowledge to the target learners and how effectively it can be done. It talks about the content to be included and how the text, multimedia, and navigation elements will fit together to help the learners to achieve the learning objective. At this juncture the visual designers need to find the most suitable design layouts, multimedia, choose the perfect color schemes etc.

Here are some resources that can help you to achieve the task with ease.

Images in e-learning

The power of visuals in learning is proven beyond doubt. In e-learning , the designers need to bring in the best of images that are high resolution  ,scaleable images, vectors, stock photos etc to help the learner to connect with the learning topic as well as to enhance the visual appeal of the e-learning. If you’re worried about finding the right resources for free stock photos for your e-learning, you should never miss this blog on free photo sites.

Five Awesome Free Stock Photos Sites

2.Startup Stock
3.Pic Jumbo
4.Free Images

While we saw the popular and free stock photos services and websites, sometimes the designer might require to edit these images . This can include combining a set of images, cropping and bringing the transparency to images and much more. If you are on a low budget and are looking for free tools to perform the function for you. Here is a list of the best set of image editing tools for e-learning.

Free Image Editing Tools For E-Learning


7.Pixlr Editor
9.Sumo Paint
10.Pix Builder Studio

E-learning colors

While attending an e-learning course, have you felt that the color schemes lacked the visual appeal and the text was not easily readable? This is simply because of not choosing the right color schemes for e-learning by the designer. What e-learning professionals should know about colors?
You can read my blog to understand more about  colors in e-learning  

To explore and experiment on the color schemes, you need to know what are the popular tools to choose them.
Here is a list of popular tools to choose color schemes for e-learning. I recommend to read the blog –Tools to Choose Colour Schemes for E-learning

1.Adobe Color CC
5.Colour Lovers
8.Colour Grab
9.Cohesive Colors

E-learning fonts

With the carefully chosen graphics and color schemes etc, the designer should now choose the perfect fonts for e-learning. With the huge library of fonts available today, it’s impossible to list down all of them.  But the graphics or the world of typography categorizes them into four different types as under:

1.Serif fonts
2.Sans serif fonts
3.Script Fonts
4.Handwriting Fonts
So what are the recommended ways of using fonts in e-learning. Since there are no fixed rules that decides the use of the fonts in e-learning , it’s all about following the tried and tested practices.  Click  here to read  my blog on What Typefaces should be used for E-Learning?

Design layout

An e-learning is incomplete without a proper design layout. But how do you design an e-learning layout? What are the general practices ?If you’re worried on finding the correct e-learning design layout, I have talked about them in detail in the blog How to Design an Awesome E-Learning Layout?

Free music

Apart from the visuals, if you are looking to delight the learners with audio, then there are plenty of resources to choose free music.  We have got them covered in one single blog here-Popular Sites to Choose Free Music for E-Learning

3.BBC Sound Effects
4.Free SFX
5.Free Soundtrack Music
7.Josh Woodward
8.Partners in Rhyme

3.E-Learning Development

After the storyboarding and visual design is complete, the e-learning development phase begins which consists of using a tool/software to put the various elements like layout, text, images , audio together to weave an e-learning course. At this stage e-learning authoring tools play a vital role. Here is a look at some e-learning authoring tools for e-learning, mobile learning, e-learning games etc.

E-learning authoring tools

Today, the market of authoring tools have grown big and there are many tools available to help the developers, create the best of e-learning content. Here is a list of the most popularly used authoring tools for e-learning development.

Some commonly used tools for eLearning Development

1.Adobe Captivate
2.Articulate Storyline
3.iSpring Suite 8.1
5.Adapt Authoring Tool
6.Lectora Inspire
11.Edge Animate CC

Here is  a list of some low cost high impact authoring tools-  E-Learning Authoring Tools : List of Low Cost High Impact.

The blog discusses on the following authoring tools.

5.Quick Lessons

E-learning is no more the traditional click -next style of learning as new learning strategies or techniques like e-learning animations, games and gamification etc are now increasingly becoming popular. With the rising popularity, the authoring tool market has already  responded by aggressively adding such capability and function in their tools.
We have got them covered extensively on our blogs here- Popular Development Tools For E-learning Games

1.Articulate Storyline 3
3.Adobe Captivate
5.Lectora Online
6.Seppo For business
7.VTS Editor

With many organisations going for the mobile first approach in developing e-learning, there are already many powerful authoring tools to create an amazing mobile learning experience , I have got them covered here –Authoring tools for effective M-learning program

2.Adobe Captivate
3.Articulate Storyline
4.Articulate Rise
5.Lectora Inspire

E-Learning game templates

The game templates are always the best companion of an e-learning designer.
Here is a list of the most popular e-learning game template in one single blog – Most Popular E-learning Game Templates

Learning Management Systems

E-learning courses are usually published and delivered in the popular formats like SCORM , Tin Can Api etc which can be uploaded to the Learning Management Systems. With the variety of LMS available , how do you choose the best one for you.  Read the blog on Fundamental Steps to Choose an LMS to know more.

Further with the introduction of the cloud technology, the LMS are increasingly moving to the cloud infrastructure that allows better data management and scalability. Here is the blog from us where we have listed down the popular cloud based LMS-Popular Cloud-based Learning Management Systems

2.Docebo LMS
4.Paradiso LMS
6.Firmwater LMS
8.Canvas LMS

With continuous development and evolution of new technologies and standards in e-learning, the SCORM standards are slowly replaced by  new set of standard called as xAPI or TinCan API. On the readers demand, I had written a full-length blog which mentions the difference between xAPI and SCORM stands here –Demystifying the Experience API (xAPI)

Apart from these,here is a list of other popular blogs that received the most number of hits this year-

1.Infosec E-Learning: 5 Numbers To Show Why It Is Mandatory?
2.5 Reasons To Have An Online POSH Training
3.Designing Compliance ELearning: A 10 Step Approach To Increase Its Effectiveness
4.Designing Gamified E-Learning: 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid
5.6 Tips To Use Interactivity In An E-Learning Course

I hope you will find this e-learning resources post to be a helpful and an all encompassing guide to begin your journey into the world of e-learning. Happy New Year 2019!