The manufacturing industry is in the middle of a  severe talent drought as an estimated 186,000 new engineers will be needed each year until 2024. As explained in my previous blog, the talent drought is not about the labor shortage alone instead it is contributed towards the huge increasing skill gap and lack of effective learning measures to train them effectively.

Hence the manufacturing industries are looking to implement modern learning strategies to train the workers. This has lead to a shift in the workplace training culture from the traditional forms of learning to new strategies like the use of animations in e-learning to train them effectively.

Here is a quick look at the usual traditional training topics in the manufacturing industry
•Training the workers on the working process.
•Technical training topics
•Safety training in the manufacturing industry
Include animations in your employee e-induction

With the target audience in the manufacturing organization categorized into the factory line workers and the management workers, I have felt that animations in e-learning are simply the best fit for training the production workers/factory line employees.  The factory workers are a group of the target audience who spends most of their time on the production floor. By implementing animations in e-learning, the workers will definitely embrace the new learning strategy as it is fun, engaging as well as easy to grasp and register. Also, the learning is no more restricted to the usual classroom hours as they can access the small animated videos on multiple devices like smartphones, desktop etc.

So, what are the real benefits of using animations in e-learning in the manufacturing sector.? Read the blog to find out more.

1.Easily explain complex topics 

E-learning animations are the best fit for explaining the various manufacturing process. For example, when it comes to complex process and operations in the manufacturing organization, it becomes very important for the learner to make a thorough understanding of the concept and process to become a master or expert in it
Click here to learn the overview of the oil refining process just under 5 minutes with a 3D animated explainer video. The animated video owned by the The American Petroleum Institute shows the clear process of the oil refining as it happens inside the refining industry.
The animated video takes the learner through the detailed step by step process to ensure that no important stages in the productions process are missed as well as making it easy for the learner to understand through the good use of 3D multimedia visuals and graphics. The animated visuals are able to wire the human brain with the rich memory of visuals of the process enabling the easier learning

2.Simplifying complex technical training 

Technical training is the process of teaching employees how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs. And e-learning animation seems to be the best way to train the learners on such complex technical training topics that are otherwise hard to visualize.
For example,click here to watch the technical animation on the topic Waste Water Treatment -Technical Animation. The explainer animated video with beautiful 3D graphics is able to explain the process clearly which is otherwise difficult to visualize through static images and graphics.

3.Engaging training on workplace safety

Employees are the biggest strength of every organisation. Hence the safety training is the need of the hour in manufacturing industries. E-learning animations are one of the best ways to train the learner on safety training. Following are the benefits of using animations in safety training topics-

1. Animations can demonstrate visuals that are dangerous to demonstrate through real-life training.
2. Animations can combine with other learning strategies like using storyline, including characters, use of e-learning simulations etc to make the training effective.
3. Show the consequences- What can happen if there is a fire breaks out? What are the consequences of not wearing safety helmets and kits?
While safety is the priority of many organisations, the employees are seen as floating or ignoring these rules. By implementing animations in your safety training course, the organization can train the learner by showing the learners the consequence of not wearing the safety kits etc.

4. Brings engaging employee onboarding    

Try including animations in your e-induction process to train the new hires and you are sure to make them feel wow
•For example, develop an animated e-learning video to welcome the new hires with a quick introduction of the organisation and explaining the products and services
•Develop an animated e-learning video to introduce the production process. This can give a quick introduction to the learner to understand the production process before he/ she is trained extensively on it

5.Enhanced soft skills training

For example, on the topic of communication skills, the organization can develop a simple explainer video to train the learners on the importance of communication skills. This can engage the audience and relieve them from boring classroom training. The learner also gets the benefit of watching it n number of times.
A word of caution here  i.e to choose the right multimedia graphics to help the learner to better relate to the learning topic like
•Try including a background that simulates the work environment
•Include easily relatable characters etc.

While we have seen the exclusive benefits of using animations in manufacturing  here are other popular  handpicked benefits of using animations to train the workers of the manufacturing industry

•Engage the audience.

There is no doubt that animations can engage the audience. The carefully chosen multimedia objects, eye-catching details, use of characters and the correct animation style etc makes the module really an engaging one. Thanks to the technological developments as the modern tools allow the animators to develop engaging animations that are closer to the reality.  Scientific studies that tell us that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.  In a manufacturing industry thus animations in e-learning bring relief from the traditional boring black and white illustrations and the torn reference guides in classroom training  to an amazing world of an engaging  learning experience 

•Easy retention and recall of learning topics

One of the prime objectives of every learning strategy is to ensure that the learners are able to retain and recall the learning content. learning is a process that takes time and repetition for humans to move information from short-term memory toward long-term memory areas of our brain. And animations has all the ingredients included to make the better retention and recall of the learning topics Like the engaging and fun way of learning through makes the learner comfortable allowing the easier digestion of the learning topic.

•The e-learning animations are able to explain the complex learning topic with the use of easy visuals and graphics.
•The chunking down of the lengthy content to smaller units of learning topic helps in easier digestion of the information.
•The organization can use the animated videos as reinforcement tools and the learner can revisit them at his/ her convenience.

Hence, in a manufacturing industry,  the organization can simply enforce the same techniques of using animations to aid better retention and recall of the learning topic. With the advancement of new learning strategies like mobile learning etc the learners enjoy the benefit of accessing the content from anywhere and any device. The challenge of rotational shifts and workers spending time on the production floor etc can be easily eliminated by implementing e-learning animations

•Just in time learning

Learners benefit a great deal when they get information right at their fingertips and without having to search for it. E-learning animations, when combined with microlearning, fulfills the same objective as the information is made available to the learner when required.  

For example, the old user manuals of operating the machinery are now increasingly replaced with animated video. This is very beneficial for the workers and even the supervisors in the manufacturing industry as these animated videos are self-explanatory and it can train the learner and thus eliminate the need for classroom training. Even when there is classroom training happening, the learner can refer back to the animated e-learning video to reinforce his knowledge when required.

•Animations are budget friendly

If you are on a low budget to develop effective e-learning strategies, I am introducing your new friend i.e e-learning animations. This makes e-learning animations a favorite among the organisations, especially with manufacturing industries where there are rapid cost-cutting measures implemented regularly.

•Animations can be used with other training strategies

E-learning animations can effectively blend with other learning strategies to train the learners, especially with the manufacturing industries, where an effective blended learning approach can benefit the learners. For example, the animated learning videos can be used as a reinforcement tool after the regular classroom training programs. The learner can refer to the animated video as it acts as a quick reinforcement to the learning process.  

These are some of the popular benefits of using e-learning animations in a manufacturing organization. Feel free to share your views and thoughts using the comment box below.