Visual art and graphic design, a composition is the arrangement of visual elements into one cohesive whole. In E-learning module every slide can be presented by combination of both text and graphics. Text and graphics plays a significant role in creating visual appeal and conveying a message pertaining to the subject matter. To ensure a quality outcome from the modules developed one has to make sure that the graphics and text used in the module goes hand in hand. For example: If you use the picture of Mt. Everest to show the greenery beauty that becomes completely irrelevant and that might not convey the exact message that a module is intending to.

Let us now focus on few tips on how to use graphics and text for better E-learning:

Overlaid text on Image: Whenever a text is overlaid over an image ensure that there is sufficient contrast between text and image to make the content readable without creating a havoc for the learners. The background image used should be something like blurry background with a minimal range of colors, images of the sky, ocean or a shadow etc. Always consider using a background graphics that gives clear visuals.

Enfold text around the image: Here the text is wrapped over an image to as per the message they intend to convey. The relationship between text and image should be evident and relevant. To ensure it works, use an image that is relevant to the content.

Intersecting text and images: Intersection of text and images plays a crucial role in delivering the best E-learning experience. This can be done by placing the text within an image or placing text behind an image so that it is partially obscured or placing the text in a way that it rests on the image by using the image as the baseline for the text.

Align the text and images: Aligning the text and images help in achieving an orderly look. Even though the text and image do not intersect or overlap, with the help of alignment one can demonstrate a relationship between the text and image and helps in creating a clear sense of balance. Spacing is very critical in this approach because if the text and image are not in proximity, the relationship will not be as obvious. Unless you purposely seek a very casual look.