It was last week that I attended a webinar on the topic of ‘workplace gamification’ . While the topic included various subsections, I felt that the speaker spend more time in talking about gamification of sales training. According to him, the continuous growth of technology with the evolving app culture can make elearning gamification play a big role in motivating and training the sales force with better training interventions.

Inspired by the webinar, I went about looking for some of the popular examples of sales training gamification. Here I have put together a list of three prominent examples of gamification of sales training besides listing down some others for which, I could not find any demos/samples.

1. Roadwarrior Training

SAP SE used Roadwarrior to train its sales staff. Roadwarrior was developed to train sales representatives of SAP to actively engage with customers and close the deal.

What did I like?

1.I love simulations, and this gamified module had a lot of them to make it engaging and interactive. Simulated customer meeting and making the learner learn to answer the questions of the customers which are basically three types.(who are least interested to who have exact knowledge and information on what they want)

2. Through the process of answering questions of customers in this simulation, you win badges and earn points and it might surprise many of you that you also lose points after requesting for lifelines (well some things need to be learned the hard way…..)

3. You can challenge your other colleagues to match their accomplishments as it is a multiplayer gamified module.

2.Renault Academy Sales Training

Renault uses gamification to teach sales representatives on how to lead sales negotiations and close the sales.

What did I like?

1. The high level of 3D graphics and animation was simply amazing and can easily help the learners to relate with the work environment. The use of simulation is really on a top notch in the learning modules. The module simulates a car showroom and gives the opportunity to interact with virtual customers.

2. The game starts with a quiz to put every learner into a right framework for sales training.

3. Winning the sales, apart from earning points unlocks new challenges, which was a sort of motivation to go ahead and complete the module.

3.Rolls-Royce elearning solutions

To create an engaging, learner-led solution to upskill the dealers(sales persons across the dealership) as they were launching a new car model.
They wanted every sales person to be fully aware of the details of each and every aspect of the car like it’s styling, the technology, options and features and most importantly to educate the dealers on how to sell it.

What did I like?

1. The module had a very clean and minimalistic style of visual design, which appeals in the first look and can be related to the luxury brand.

2. The engaging module shows two options where the learner can choose the path of being an expert or being a beginner.

3. The interactive challenges allowed to also view the consequence of the decisions the learner makes.

4. Basic and logical use of game elements like ‘ timer’ a ‘customer experience meter’ etc which the learner could easily relate it.

Due to the lack of information available in the public domain, I couldn’t view and experience some other stunning examples of gamification in sales training. But here are some few details, which I could gather.

4. Grill Cafe: received a 66% Return on Investment for having its waiters/waitresses play a cross-selling game

5. Cisco used gaming strategies to enhance its virtual global sales meeting and call centers to reduce call time by 15% and improved sales by around 10%

6. Hewlett Packard: launched Project Everest to give rewards like holidays and other goods to the best reseller teams and saw a 56.4%.

These were some amazing examples of gamification in sales training. With increasing adoption of gamification across the several sectors, and training and engaging of the sales team being an indispensable component of corporate training. I am certain that the gamification of sales training will be in more demand.

Feel free to comment and to share examples of gamification of sales training which you have come across.