While gamification has a tremendous potential to transform an employee induction program by making it highly engaging, it is extremely important to focus on some critical aspects which could lead to the classic situation of “Operation success but patient died”.
Here are three such common pitfalls you can easily avoid and make your gamified induction –truly productive!

Pitfall-1: Just because you love a theme; doesn’t mean they will too!
If you are using a theme, choose it very cautiously and do a test-run before going ahead. If you are inspired by a game theme that is in vogue today, it may be extinct tomorrow (after all time flies faster in the digital age!). The theme that you choose is better-off being contextual to your business than being a clone of the latest game fad.

Pitafall-2: Avoid Learner Monotony
Usually gamification leads to initial euphoria and enthusiasm but after a few minutes the learners tend to get accustomed to the gamified solution and the enthusiasm plateaus or fades. To avoid this jeopardy it is very important to introduce innovative challenges at varied intervals coupled with a dash of probability for the learner to progress by playing through it.

Pitfall-3 : All fun and no learn
Blindly inducing game elements in a bid to make the gamified solution highly “engaging” can lead to the learner playing and enjoying but not learning as required. The game-play and the game mechanics should be clearly aligned with the learning objective to ensure every action of the learner corresponds to the learning outcome.

To avoid these pitfalls with your gamified e-learning solution – always remember to plan well and “Test it before you trust it!”. Wish to know more about how to gamify your employee induction program do feel free to reach us or leave your comments!