Microlearning’s flexible learning structure and “micro” nature are making it the darling of most organizations worldwide. In fact, microlearning is being included and accepted as one of the learning strategies to train the millennial workforce. For more information on how microlearning can benefit the organizations, please read my related blog on the topic.

Now let’s see some examples of how and where microlearning is being used :

1. An electronic recycle giant

Nextworth an online electronics trade-in and recycle company, opened retail stores under expansion program. They were to train the entire retail unit workforce on how the trade-in happens and what are the steps and procedures while trading in for a device of the consumer.


The entire workforce was spread across different geographies, they were facing the challenge to assemble all the workers at once and to train them.


They created bite-sized training videos and a couple of e-learning modules helping the retail staff to access the modules whenever they want. This was


They were able to cut the training cost by 50% and there was a double-digit increase in trade-in accuracy.

Reference : https://www.unboxedtechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Unboxed-Technology-Success-Story-Nextworth.pdf

2.Veterinary research agency case study

One of the popular reputed veterinary research agency was responsible for prevention and to control the spread of livestock diseases.

Challenge :

In order to accomplish their goals and objectives, they hired more personnel and they had to train them on :

  • Preventive measures
  • Recognition of clinical signs and
  • Veterinary best practices to minimize the diseases and improve animal health.

A  two hour e-learning course was created and the staff took the course and successfully completed it. However, when it comes to the application of training on the job, they were unable to recollect what they have learned during training and they were calling the helpdesk instead of resolving the issues on their own.

Solution :

The company developed microlearning modules in order to address the cognitive dissonance and provided Just In Time information to supplement the learning.

The 2-hour module was divided into 5 – 7 minute short courses which addressed particular learning requirement of the learner. The modules were cross-device compatible and the learners could access the courses across multiple devices.

Result :

The learners were able to recollect the information what they have learned with the help of microlearning modules and there was a drastic improvement in performance on the field. Thus microlearning acted as Performance Support Tool and helped the learners to combat information overload.

Reference : http://www.swiftelearningservices.com/microlearning-case-study/

3.Domino’s Pizza

Everyone loves pizza and one of the popular Pizza joints across the world is Dominos.

Challenge :

The new inducts at the domino’s store were to be trained on:

  • Learning what is there on the menu
  • Pizza Making process
  • Ingredients
  • Pricing details of pizza

The new employees were finding difficulty in remembering the ingredients, names, and pizza making process.

Solution :

The company created an e-learning course and called it as “Pizza Maker Course” wherein they used Microlearning modules, simulation, and gamification in order to engage with the users.

By including competitive elements it created healthy competition between users and helped them to complete the module faster.

Results :

  • Microlearning helped the employees to improve their process speed
  • Helped the company to reduce costs
  • A decrease in customer complaints

Reference : https://www.allencomm.com/portfolio/dominos/

4.Uber case study

Uber is one of the popular ride-hailing apps in the world, during their launch in India they had to train drivers regarding the company policy, procedures and all. In short, they want a solution while onboarding drivers to Uber.

Challenge :

As we all know India is also called as Subcontinent, where there is diverse language across the nation. It was quite a challenging task for the company to train the drivers across the nation.

Solution :

With the help of Mobile learning app, the company delivered the Microlearning nuggets in multiple languages which the users were familiar with.

Results :

As the users were accessing the content from their mobile devices it helped them to understand the policies and procedures well in detail as they were learning in their own native language.

Reference: https://handytrain.com/

5.At home

One of the famous largest home decor retailer “at home” had to train across

  • 3000 employees
  • 100 stores
  • 28 geographical location

Challenge :

  • Finding a real solution for the training that was easy to use and flexible
  • Budget-friendly solution for training needs
  • To reduce safety accidents and to create consistent training across the workforce

Solution :

With the help of Microlearning platform, the company created quizzes about workplace practice and created fun games to engage with the user. By tracking users progress and data the company identified and closed skill gaps quickly.

Result :

  • Increase in sales
  • 36% drop in accidents
  • 90% reduction during onboarding time

Reference  : http://resources.axonify.com/customer-success-stories/at-home-case-study

7.Raymour & Flanigan

One of the largest furniture retail company “Raymour & Flanigan” had to train more than 5000 associates who were spread across 100 retail locations.

Challenge :

The participants were forgetful in nature and used to forget the lessons after the training sessions and the retentions levels were low.

Solution :

They created Microlearning nuggets, whenever the learners required any information it was available at their fingertips and also helped the learners to develop leadership skills.

Results :

  • Microlearning created happy learning environment as 75% of the respondents enjoyed training
  • Increase in completion rates with over 160,000 lessons viewed
  • Microlearning helped the employees to increase retention levels

Refernece : https://www.grovo.com/resources/case-studies/raymour-flanigan

I hope these examples give you an insight on how microlearning is used in the different organization and how unique websites like daily bits of (https://dailybitsof.com/) & curiosity (https://curiosity.com/) are using microlearning to engage with the users.

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