Over the years it has been observed that many of the organizations have failed to deliver a successful induction training program. This has created a huge impact on the employees attrition rate and largely affected the organization. This might be because of lack of trainers expertise, failing to understand the learners perception, or too many jargon’s used. Also, language plays a crucial role at the time of induction as not everyone will be comfortable with the language used so, training different employees in different language becomes extremely difficult for the trainers.

Study says that 30% of the employees are engaged during induction, 18% are totally disengaged and remaining 52% are partially disengaged. Therefore, 70% of the employees are mostly disengaged during induction. Organizations should come up with something that helps them in balancing the circumstances.

In the current era most of the people prefers something which is highly flexible and easily accessible. The simple solution for the above listed problems can be converting your current induction training module to effective online modules. E-Inducting your new employees can be highly beneficial as it provides all the flexibility and mediums through which employees stays engaged through out the module, and with the option of localizing your e-learning module into preferred language it has made easier for the learners to learn in the language they are comfortable with.

Let us now look at few of the points that highlights the significance of E-induction for organization:

Learners can set their own pace and time for learning: Availability of different medium such as online sessions, smart phones etc. has triggered a huge changes in the way we approach our learning. With such flexibility and game assessments it becomes easier for the learners to connect with the subject matter more effectively unlike the traditional approach wherein the patterns are fixed.

Takes pressure of the busy managers: E-induction guarantees a quality content providing a wide range of information and messages that is required by the new employees. It ensures employee gets properly inducted as E-learning is a platform where one can learn at their convenient even if there are no groups to make it worthy enough or even if the trainers are not ready. This reduces the pressure off the trainers.

Saves a lot of time and money: It is a one time cost module and is very useful for organizations in long run. Since, the E-Induction content is already well developed it can be used again for new employees joining in future and bringing in necessary changes if and when required.

Helps organization in increasing the effectiveness of employees: Since it is a formal induction process the employees from the very beginning are given a proper induction training and all the necessary information’s are passed on so there is no scope for trial and error, this results in increase on employees effectiveness that contributes to the overall organizational growth.

Better retention and recall: The first week of induction decides the employees stay at the organization. With e-learning employees are highly motivated during the induction process and with the game assessments included it becomes even more engaging and exciting for the employees to learn. It is highly flexible and can be accessed by the employees during their free time to recall something if they have forgotten.

Induction plays a vital role during the initial days as most of the employees decides whether to continue with the organization based on their experience.

With the points discussed above, migrating your induction program into effective E-Learning modules is the only solution to keep the new employees motivated. So, why not try one for your organization?