Gamification continues to be a buzzword in the year 2018 as well. In case if you are new to the world of gamification, I recommend you to read this blog of mine where I have explained about the gamification in greater detail.

Gamification is increasingly being seen as a learning strategy, which is helping the organisations to taste success by enhancing the learning experience among the learners and giving them the desired results.

Here in this blog, let us see what are the various reasons why gamification enhances the learning experiences.

1. Gamification brings competition among the learners

Studies have shown that, we humans enjoy competition. This is effectively used in gamification of elearning with the use of game elements and game mechanics to create a healthy competition among the learners.

For example, try introducing a simple leaderboard which shows the scores and points earned by the different learners. What can this bring forth?

This can induce motivation among the learners to score higher points and reach top leaderboard positions.
Once the learners achieve top leaderboard position, they never want to lose their top positions and are constantly striving to keep it up.
Thus the leaderboards push the learners to revisit the learning topics repeatedly as that can help the learner to score higher points and climb up the leaderboard. This makes the learner become more familiar with the learning topics resulting in enhanced learning experiences.

2. Gamification provides a positive learning environment

The use of rewards and recognition like badges and points in the gamified elearning modules acts as motivators for the learners.
Gamified module also throws the challenges, tasks to the learners and once these are achieved the learners are again rewarded which gives them a sense of achievement for their efforts.

When the learners start achieving the rewards and recognition, the learners would love to share the learning experiences with peer learners and their social circles, which results in the creation of a positive learning environment for the learners.

3. Learning from mistakes and immediate feedback in gamification

Gamification provides immediate feedback to the learners, The immediate feedback helps the learners to learn from their mistakes and make the necessary changes instantly. For example, when the learner makes mistakes, a sudden popup comes to the screen alerting that it is a wrong choice and penalizes the learner for making a mistake . This alerts the learners that he has made a mistake and allows him to learn from the mistake by not repeating it again. In other words, it helps the learners to know what to do or what not to do.

4. The learners feel the responsibility to learn themselves

One of the biggest advantages of every elearning module is that the learning modules are not forced on them, the learners can access the modules at their convenience and even across the devices. Gamification reinforces it by bringing the fun element in learning which makes the learning a voluntary effort thus enhancing the learning experiences.

5. Gamification can break down the learning process into smaller and important milestones

In gamification, the learning topics can be broken down to include smaller milestones and tasks. This ensures that the learners are not bored by attending lengthy eLearning modules
With reducing attention span of the learners, it is important to reduce the information overload to the learners.
With gamification, the developers can again use the rewards to motivate the learners who are completing the milestones and set tasks. This again contributes to enhancing the learning experience.

These were some of the very important reasons as to why gamification is able to enhance the learning experiences. So what do you think of them?