Bite-sized online training is gaining in popularity with modern learners as they want bite-sized online training that is less than 10 minutes long.Bite-sized elearning modules are small, self-contained elearning information nuggets that  are usually focused on one or two tightly defined learning objectives.

In this article, I have listed few reasons why the modern learners need Bite-size online training.

1. Millennials have less time to consume training :

Earlier the employees were allocated with extended blocks of study time but now many employers are squeezing training into gaps in employee’s schedules.This is making long, 60-minute training modules difficult to consume. Modern learners now need shorter sessions (10-15 minutes) that they can quickly complete inside their gaps at work.

2. Millennials have shorter attention spans :

Millennials have different expectations on how their media is served up and the context they consume. Most of them are connected with Social Circle 24*7 and do most of the things with at least one internet connection screen in front of them.

Millennial’s attention is 8 seconds which is lesser than a goldfish. So in order to grab the attention of Millennials one should develop bite-sized learning courses which contain small nuggets of information that can be easily completed in 10 minutes. It suits the learners as they can quickly complete each nugget without being distracted.

3. Millennials love Mobile Learning :

As most of the millennials spend time on a handheld device such as tablets, laptops, and smart-phones, by reviewing learning material on small screens can make it harder to focus for extended periods of time. So here, in this case, Microlearning suits the best as the modules are broken into smaller and more meaningful chunks.

4. More flexibility to deliver personalized learning:

When the learning content is divided into several bite-sized modules, learners can access the parts of the content that is relevant to their work and they can skip which they don’t need. This builds a personalized way of learning.

Bite-size learning is very useful from a learners point of view as it is small and easy to learn. Similarly,  for elearning developers learning nuggets are quicker to produce and easier to maintain than larger modules!