While the progress bar has been an integral part of various facets of our digital life ranging from file download status to Linked In profile completion to buying an air ticket online, it takes a completely different dimension when it comes to games and specifically e-learning gamification.

In a gamified learning intervention, progress bars have the potential to influence Learner (read: player) Motivation & Feedback, both of which have a strong role to play in defining the quality of a gamified e-learning intervention.
Hence, a thoughtfully planned and well crafted progress bar can give a completely different dimension to the “learner experience” of your gamified e-learning module.

Here are a couple of simple but highly effective ways to make a progress bar work wonders for your next e-learning gamification intervention:

1. Quantum shift from Display to CTA (Call to Action)

The progress bar shows the current status of the learner during his/her journey through the gamified e-learning module. Based on the design of the intervention, you can use it to “nudge” the learner to

a. Play faster

b. Increase inquisitiveness

c. Enhance competition and even

d. Enhance collaboration

2. Bar-No Bar!

When it comes to a gamified e-learning module, why should the bar- look like a bar?
Design the progress bar into images or charts which are relevant to the theme and context of your gamified e-learning module which will not only make it more engaging for the learner but also induce some fun and excitement.

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