Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (POSH)

XLPro’s award-winning, animated, interactive POSH e-learning module has been enabling small, medium and large companies across the country to train their employees on this critical compliance requirement for the past several years.

It is a thirty minutes self learning module with easy language and animated scenarios. The POSH e-learning module is completely customizable to the organization’s requirement and is available as an annual licensing option and multi-year licensing option.

This POSH e-learning module is available in English, Hindi and 5 other regional languages, for ease of learning and better understanding.

It is available both as logins on XLPro’s LMS and SCORM module for LMS

It is updated every year to incorporate any changes to the POSH Act, 2013 and adding newer animated scenarios and case-studies.

Take a look the sample to get a hands-on experience now!

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Salient Features of this Animated POSH E-Learning

  • Completely customizable as per the business requirement

  • Can be launched immediately (as-is)

  • Can be delivered as SCORM / Logins

  • Complete hosting and managing support (if required)

  • Revised annually with latest updates

  • Animated Scenario based learning for better understanding and retention

  • Can be delivered in any Indian or foreign language

  • Downloadable completion certificate

Levels of Customization

The module can be customized as per any one of the levels below:

Level-I : As-Is

Level-II : Basic Customization

Level-III: Advanced Customization