Companies are increasingly adopting video-based learning methodologies for training their employees and this demand is primarily driven by their cost-efficiency and efficacy in delivering training.

Video-based lessons strike an emotional chord with learners and impart training in an engaging manner which leads to higher retention and recall.

While using videos as a part of your learning strategy one of the aspects to consider is the right choice of video creation tools.
Some of the trending animated video creation softwares are :

  • GoAnimate
  • Crazytalk
  • iClone
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • After Effects
  • PowToon
  • Blender 3D
  • Motionbuilde
  • Moovly
  • VideoScribe
  • Animoto
Sl.No.  Product USP  Features Type of Software Publishing Operating System Supported
1 Go Animate You can create your first video in less
than 5 minutes
This platform syncs the words with character’s voice automatically

-It has wide variety of industry and occupation specific templates.

– Character customization are quiet easy.
– You can import your own assets

Cloud Based Animated Video Creation platform On your own website
– Export as HD Video
– Direct Sharing to Youtube
Windows & Mac OS
2 Crazytalk It has 3D Head Creator tool  -Easy creation of 3D avatars as well as full body animations
-Option to import your photo and Crazytalk will give voice to it
– Option to modify physical features, clothing and style.
Desktop based primarily used for 2D Animation Software Direct sharing to Youtube
– Export to iOS Devices
Windows XP and later
3 iClone Enables users to create 3D
animation films
Lip Synced and fully customizable 3D characters with facial animation.
– It has ready-made templates for quick design.
– It has Advanced lighting and Shadowing effects.
Desktop based primarily used for 3D Animation & rendering software No Information Available Windows
4 Toon Boom Harmony Widely used in most corporate
and in movies
 – You can craft unique hybrid animations that has both 2D and 3D Designs
– It gives user the chance to enhance creations by use of traditional painting tools.
Desktop based primarily used for 2D, 3D – Export as HD Video
– Directly sharing to Youtube
Mac OS & Windows 7 above
5 Adobe After Effects After Effects works together seamlessly with
other Adobe apps.
It has Creative Cloud Libraries that allow you to save looks, colors, images or even metadata.
– It has huge library of 60 million images, graphics and videos.
– It has option to create characters by simple mouse clips.
– Users can also record their voice and Character Animator generates human mouth movements and lip- syncing.
Desktop Based primarily used for Visual effects & Motion graphics Create a video file to save locally
– Directly sharing to Youtube and other sharing platforms
Windows & Mac OS
6 PowToon It is web based animation software that allows users to
create animated presentations by manipulating pre-created objects,
imported images, provided music and user created voice-overs.
It integrates seamlessly with leading sites, apps and content providers such as The Social, Ad Tech.
– You can create wonderful text effects along with background music.
– Once you create a PowToon, it’s yous forever.
– UI is very friendly and  clean.
Cloud based software for creating animated presentations and animated explainer videos. – Export to Youtube
– Create a video file to save locally
Windows & Mac OS
7 Moovly It has the platform where you can create engaging animated videos,
presentations and infographics all in one place.
 – It has huge royalty-free media library with over 500,000 videos, illustrations, photos, sounds and music.
– It’s studio editor has new improved user interface for more flexible and intuitive experience.
– Moovly bots automatically creates content based on templates and user’s data
Cloud based digital media content creation software. Export to Youtube
– Create a video file to save locally
Windows & Mac OS
8 VideoScribe It lets you to create whiteboard animations without design
or technical skills.
It has the vast selection of royalty-free images and music.
– Even it features thousands of soundtracks and even you can download your own.
– Option to export the video to Powerpoint, Youtube or directly to computer.
Cloud based Software used for creating whiteboard animations Publish to website
– Create a video file to save locally
– Direct option to publish to powerpoint
Windows Vista or higher
9 Animoto It has patented Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology
which allows users to turn photos, video clips and music into video slideshows.
 – It even has iPhone app where users can create video using pictures on their mobile phone.
– It has more than 1000 + licensed songs.
– It will also gives you the output of sharpest video quality that matches
the resolution of today’s Full HD LED TV displays.
Cloud based video creation software – Publish to website animoto link
– Create a video file to save locally
– Export to Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms.
Windows &Mac OS
10 We Video It has JumpStart feature which leverages latest technology which
enables people to instantly begin editing in cloud without waiting
for the files to be uploaded to the Cloud.
It has advanced video editing features which made easy through a simple interface.
– Option to Mix and match more than 600 formats of audio, images, graphics and videos.
Cloud based video editor  -Publish to Vimeo website
– Create a video file to save locally (HD video)


The best part of all these softwares is the limited animation or design knowledge required to build engaging animations. So are you using any of these tools in your organization. We would love to hear your experience.