Social media is being extensively used by the millennials and is also catching the fancy of other generations because it empowers them to share, be in touch and express their emotions and feelings. So how can you leverage the power of social media to promote your e-learning courses either within or outside the organization? Let’s see what are various social media tools and ways you can use these tools for  e-learning :

  1. iTalk

Learners on the go can listen to podcasts. Podcasts help the learners to focus on the work activity without getting distracted and assists the users to listen and learn from the content. Here you can use platforms such as iTalk to push the podcasts to the learners.

  1. Instagram

Everyone loves pictures as it grabs the users attention and helps to communication in a faster way. The organization can use Instagram as their image sharing platform to promote the new updates/changes in process or an organization policy. Even you can use Instagram to share your thoughts and opinion.

  1. Evernote for business

When you are managing a project, you need a platform to collect ideas, to brainstorm a thought, to coordinate with a remote team, to store files in one go, to share project updates in a team. Evernote helps your organization to gather all things in one place. Here in this app, you can find all documents, business cards, in one place and you can manage the team easily.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking platform. Here you can create groups among the employees and share specific information regarding courses. Even there will be a platform for the learner to post queries and doubts. In LinkedIn, the learners can use Lynda for their professional growth, where it offers video courses by industry-specific experts.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media the millennials love the most. Here you can use Facebook to engage the audience. You can use Workplace by Facebook to communicate via groups, even it integrates with Dropbox, G Suite, and one drive as well. Even it helps the individual to be notified of conversations from the organization and to secure the system with single sign-on from identity provider. By going Facebook live even you can onboard the new joiner into the workplace.

  1. Pinterest

You can use Pinterest to share your work thoughts and to pin the important images which are related to your work purpose. You can use it as image sharing platform and share the important updates to your team. Also here you can share some of the relevant images and get inspired by motivational quotes.

  1. Youtube

You can use Youtube as a video sharing platform to promote animated, screencasts and explainer videos which helps in training. Even the learner can go to the company channel for revision of the content and replay the videos for better understanding. By offline support, even the learner can save the video offline and can view the video whenever he wants.

  1. Twitter

With the help of Microblogging site, you can reach all the audience at once. If you have any important update or change in the organization, just by sharing one tweet it helps to reach all the employees across the globe which acts as a great communication tool. Even the user can respond to the tweet and they can retweet it among their peers.

  1. Whatsapp / Slack

The most popular Instant Messenger tools can be used to share the thoughts, images, documents and even locations among the peers. Whatsapp / Snapchat is widely used by all the department in the organization and it can be accessed from various devices as well. You can use these instant messaging software to share the documents in one go, to broadcast the important updates and even you can use it for official communication purposes.

This is not the end. Still, there are several social media apps which the companies will be using to engage with the audience. As the technology is advancing and even as the audience is engaging with social media nowadays the more, people have more affinity towards social websites hence I feel that social media is a definite medium for learning to happen and we can see more growth in social media learning in the future.