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Whether you are a Corporate, Academic Institution or an NGO, we at XLPro have a wide array of e-learning and e-learning gamification solutions to address your specific needs.


Make your e-learning interventions highly engaging and enhance their effectiveness with the help of games, gamification or simulation
to maximize retention, recall and application of the aspects learned.

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E-Learning Development: Demystified

If you are reading this section then you must be either curious about e-learning module development or wish to engage a top e-learning development company to develop e-learning or gamified e-learning modules for your organization.We have put together some important information that you will find useful in your endeavor.

E-learning module development is the process of transforming training content (subject matter) into highly engaging and interactive e-learning modules or e-learning courses using animation, gamification etc.

E-learning modules development is a combination of art and science. While it is difficult to pinpoint one company as the top e-learning development company in India or any other country, an e-learning company should be capable of the following:

1. Ability to understand your content (technical, functional, behavioral etc.

2. Strong e-learning instructional designing and storyboarding capability.

3. Focus on “Learner Experience” and not just churn out template modules.

4. Have a good track record of delivering e-learning modules on time.

5. Provide consistent post-delivery support for e-learning modules delivered.

6. If you are considering e-learning gamification, then the company should be able to design diverse gamified e-learning modules and games to address specific learner needs.

Gamification of e-learning enhances retention and recall of the learning elements through competition and collaboration. This is possible only if the gamified e-learning module is developed in a scientific manner by an e-learning gamification expert who understands learner psychology and corresponding game mechanics which can enhance the effectiveness of the gamified e-learning module.
If you have a training program that you run in a classroom, you can either use game mechanics to enhance the program’s effectiveness in the classroom or you can transform it completely into a gamified e-learning module which the learner can access on a computer, tab or handphone.

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