Microlearning Videos Development

A flexible learning approach which is beyond bite size learning.

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Microlearning Videos

Small three to five minutes videos on any training content with a focused learning objective.

Microlearning with small animation videos is highly popular for learning on-the-go when a learner can access the exact learning element when he needs it. As an e-learning development company in Bengaluru we have developed highly engaging small animation videos for organization across the globe.

Some of the key attributes of Microlearning videos are:

  • Bite Sized videos conveying the key message clearly.
  • Smaller file sizes for easy downloads over mobile internet.
  • Clear visibility of objects on a smaller screen.
  • Colors and resolution optimized for mobile screens.
  • Multiple videos sequenced for continuity of learning in a systematic manner.
  • Audio effects optimized for mobile devises.

Our team of expert designers, video producers and animators have the capability to transform your learning content or existing learning videos in to highly engaging
m-learning videos which can be easily played over all mobile devises likes mobile phones, tabs and ipads.

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