When the learning is triggered by learner’s motivation it is called as informal learning and it provides control to the learners to choose the learning content based on their interest, preferences, and relevance.

By using microlearning nuggets it can be used to supplement and add value to both online training or facilitated sessions for pre-learning for Instruction Led Training sessions and for reconnecting and reinforcing learning (Post Online Training Session).

Now let’s see in what all formats we can use microlearning to enhance learning in the workplace :

1. Interactive PDFs

Reading pdf can be too boring. We can build well structured interactive pdf which enables the learner to quickly browse through lengthy information with ease. These pdf can be developed or updated easily and can pick a lot of data in the single document. You can add also audio/video links to make the learning experience more interesting and engaging.

2. eBooks

Just like interactive pdf, ebook formats also enable to share lengthy information in bite-sized chunks but they don’t offer interactivities and have a linear flow and structure.

3. Branching scenario-based simulations

When you want to check if the learner can apply the learning of the formal training, you can use this technique to help them practice what they have learned in a safe environment.

This technique can handle simple scenarios to very complex decision-making situations featuring a series of situations.

4. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is the most popular tool of microlearning and suits the millennials the most as it is the bite-sized format you can visually show the content which helps in the learning process.

5. Whiteboard animations

It is a type of animated video which is used to teach complex concepts in simple design techniques and it has feature hand-drawn imagery and helps to demystify complex learning concepts.

I hope this blog covers the points of how microlearning can promote learning in the workplace and if you have any queries feel free to drop a mail at hello@playxlpro.com