Does Microlearning suit all the requirement of organization’s online training program? In this blog let’s find out what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Microlearning.

Benefits of Corporate Microlearning:

1. Bite-Sized learning :

In Microlearning, learner are able to consume small bits of information instead of having to consume large quantities thus helps in decreasing cognitive overload and increases knowledge retention & recall.

2. Moment of need support :

Microlearning is bite-sized and easily accessible modules where the learner can learn on their own and across multiple devices at any point in time as it is available on demand.

3. Eliminates small knowledge :

Microlearning enables a person to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap and minimizes boredom & distractions.

4. Budget-friendly :

As all the learning activity takes places across multiple devices it helps the organization in cutting the costs involving the production of materials, printing, training room. Transportation of employees etc.

5. Shorter Development Cycle :

The duration of the microlearning modules will vary between 60 seconds to 5 minutes so it requires shorter development cycle to develop Microlearning modules.

Disadvantages of Microlearning:

1. Doesn’t fit for comprehensive Coursework :

It is not really a good fit for comprehensive coursework such as for complex online certification programs or compliance topics.

2. Targeted contents :

Microlearning is targeted. It is not the best choice for an involved subject matter that requires more time to master.

3. Fails to get an overall picture :

Microlearning provides smaller amounts of information to the user but fails to give overall picture thus a learner might end up with fragmented or disorganized online training experiences that are seemingly disconnected.

4. Fails to help with long-term performance goals :

Microlearning fails to suit the long-term goals of an organization that has a variety of steps, tasks, and skills involved.

5. Potential for Confusion :

If an organization use a wide variety of formats for Microlearning some learners could have problems switching between them.

Bite size is the right size to close the skill gap in Microlearning