The present-day market of eLearning authoring tools offers you a lot of options to choose from.

With such plenty of choices, it becomes difficult for any eLearning company or an eLearning developer to choose the best eLearning authoring tool.

Elearning authoring tools are categorized basically into:

  1. Desktop-based authoring tools
  2. Online or Cloud-based elearning authoring tool

With technological advancements, the present elearning authoring tools are experiencing a shift from desktop-based to a cloud-based one as they offer more benefits.

So, let us first understand what is a cloud-based authoring tool and are the benefits for real?

In simple terms, cloud-based authoring tool rests online in cloud servers. Users are given the login access and can login and use this authoring tool anytime and anywhere with the help of an active internet connection.

Some of the primary benefits of cloud-based authoring tools are:

1.Saving Time- Cloud-based authoring tool enables saving time on the development part as  elearning developers can collaborate and work on the project at the same time

2.Low Costs -Unlike desktop authoring tools, there is no need to make an outright purchase of the tool.Here You can select the appropriate purchase plan to match your requirement.

For example, subscription plans allow the users to pay for only a definite period and the price will be very low.

3.Flexibility and accessibility: Cloud-based authoring tool  gives the flexibility for the user to access it from anywhere and anytime by using login details and active internet connection

In this blog, let us explore some of the very popular elearning authoring tools on the cloud based on certain selected user-friendly parameters.

1.Publishing formats supported
2.Interactivity options  available on these tools
3.Data Security
4.Report generation and tracking of learner progress
5.Mobile learning support

Easy Generator Lectora Online Elucidat eCoach
Publishing formats supported Supports newer and advanced formats like Tin Can API apart from SCORM Supports HTML, SCORM, and Tin Can API Supports HTML, SCORM, and Tin Can API Supports HTML, SCORM
Interactivity options available on the tools HTML5 or Flash interactive media, or any other multimedia can be added to bring interactivity. A lot of interactive features are included in the module. Users get the access to use the templates from elearningbrothers. A wide range of interactions and features, including rules, gamification, social polling, branches, and badges Various ready-made interactions are enabled on the tool for the user.
Tracking the learner progress and generating reports. With the quiz assessments included in the course,
the progress of the learners can be easily tracked and subsequent report can be generated
Has automatic tracking option to track the user progress and generate reports. Elucidats’ built-in analytics gives a unique insight into how learners interact with modules, and subsequently generate reports Detailed user access report can be obtained directly from the menu bar.
Mobile learning Support Supports mobile learning Supports mobile learning Supports mobile learning Supports mobile learning
Data Security Ensures strict data protection with daily backups. Offers automatic backups and enhanced data protection Proper data security layer is maintained for the users’ data Proper data security layer is maintained for the users’ data

1. Easy Generator
Easy Generator’s all-in-one eLearning software which gives authors simple tools to create engaging courses in the cloud.
For more details, you can visit the following link-

2.Lectora Online
Lectora Online, owned by Trivantis combines the power of Lectora’s desktop authoring solution with the freedom and benefit of cloud authoring.
To read more, visit the following link-

Elucidat is a cloud-based, responsive authoring tool designed to help ambitious teams create high-quality elearning content.
To know more, visit the following link -

eCoach multi-device authoring tools allow to quickly build new online courses from scratch with their premium templates.
For more details, you can visit –

With the advent of smartphones, tabs and ipads etc one can access the elearning modules from anywhere and anytime.

Exploring all these cloud-based rapid authoring tools and their benefits, it is clear that cloud-based authoring tools are definitely the future as this technology gives you greater benefits and simplifies the process. In my opinion, I expect more companies to prefer cloud-based authoring tools in the immediate future.