Articulate Storyline as you may be aware is the  e-learning industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. It’s simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. It lets you create virtually any interaction you can imagine, in minutes.

Articulate Storyline3 has many great new features and benefits that will help you get more done and reach more learners. Here in this blog let’s try to list out some of them and I have made an attempt to compare some of the important highlights of articulate storyline 3 with its previous version i.e articulate storyline 2.

1.Responsive player: With the advancement of technology we see a lot of electronic gadgets arriving in the market ranging from mobile phone to tabs, ipads and so on.Adapting to the different screen sizes of these gadgets was one of the biggest challenges to the developers, but not anymore with the new feature of responsive player in articulate Storyline 3. The new responsive player feature in articulate Storyline 3 adapts to mobile device screens automatically, so the courses look perfect for learners, and a seamless output without no extra effort for developers.

2. Closed captioning: Allows to upload a video and audio in the course with closed captioning.This helps the learners with hearing impairment to access the course comfortably. Besides this learners who don’t prefer to listen to the audio or want to access the course in a noisy environment, can read the closed captioning text even if they are unable to hear the audio.

 3.Publish select slides in the Storyline: Earlier versions didn’t have the option to publish selected slides in Storyline and developers had to either publish the entire project or were forced to export the select sides to a new project and publish it. With this new feature now enabled in the version 3, the users are able to publish and view the select sides with ease saving time and effort.

4.Structure text with tables:  The developers can use the option to insert and structure the text with the tables.In the previous versions, the user had to import the table from other software like PowerPoint or other third party software and had no option to edit the contents in the table once imported.

5.Built-in dial interactions: Interactions in the e-learning module can always increase the user engagement and create the wow effect among the learners.Articulate Storyline 3 incorporates a set of built-in dial interactions with the option to customize the pre-built dials or even create a new one from the start.

6.Enhanced HTML5 output: HTML5 is the fifth and current major version of the HTML standard. It’s no surprise that Articulate Storyline 3 has revamped and rebuilt HTML5, engine which brings in more smoothness and superior HTML5 Output.

7.More capabilities are enabled for picture placeholders: Picture placeholders have new abilities in Storyline 3 and images can be now scaled and crop to fill placeholders. Previously, placeholders would shrink to fit imported images.
Placeholders are no longer limited to rectangles. They can be of any shape you like, including circles, triangles, diamonds, and more.

These are some of the benefits and features of Articulate Storyline 3, however Articulate 3 combined with Articulate Rise, Articulate Review and content library  together called as Articulate 360 is a superior version and provides a host of other advantages. And that’s not all, it comes with a free 60 day trial period, which helps you gain control control over the new authoring tool and master it to create engaging e-learning content.