E-learning over the years have revolutionized the approach on learning and how one can make it easier and interesting at the same time. For someone who is new to E-learning there are a lot of things to be learned starting from the basics. This might be exciting with the amount of information available online regarding various ID models and different learning theories. Starting with the Instructional Design, it is the practice of making the learning experience effective and engaging for a learner and a skilled Instructional Designer will understand the learners or audience perspective to ensure that they are able to deliver the best learning module.

Le tus  look at the basics of Instructional Design for developing a module:

Analyze your audience or learners: Instructional designer carries out a lot of surveys and analysis before starting with the development part. Here, the primary focus should be on their audiences or learners as they are the one for whom you are developing the module. Understand your learners and their needs, check whether the learners are tech savvy or not, find out whether the topic is clear for the learners and their level of understanding with the topic. Understanding your learners and knowing their background helps the instructional designer in concluding regarding how to develop content that meets up to the learner’s expectation.

Follow the basic structure while developing the module: Talking about the E-learning module anybody can develop it but understanding your learners and delivering the best is the key here. If the module is developed only with the intent of delivering it or just for the sake of it then the very purpose of educating your learners are not met. To ensure that things are in place and the learning experience goes smooth one can follow the following steps to come with the best module: Welcome your learners, Give them proper instructions on how to navigate the course, Explain the benefits of the course, Set a clear objectives for the learners, Avoid complexity in the content, Include games and assessments for better learning experience and pass on instructions on how to exit the E-learning module.

Grab the attention of your learners: To ensure that the module turns out to be a successful one, the module should have all the interesting elements and a strong opening that keeps the readers engaged. You could begin the session with a short introductory video narrating what the learners can expect out of that module. Since it is going to be an online session making your learners comfortable should be the first priority. With E-learning it is assured that the learners get best of the best experience provided the omission of complexity from the module.

For any Instructional Design person, the success mantra is to develop a module where the learners are able to connect themselves with the module. Above all, a quality module is what matters the most. If a module is developed without understanding the learner’s requirement then it might be the biggest blunder that an Instructional Design person can commit.

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