Most of the Graphic designers will be having two common goals in the field of e-learning ie to create captivating visuals in order attract the learners and to engage the learners with the course.

In order to accomplish these goals, the designers will use images, icons shapes and a lot more elements while creating the course and it helps in improving the look and feel of the course.

Icons is one of the element which improves the aesthetic look and feel of the course. In this blog, I will be sharing about how to use icons in e-learning:

1. In user interface

Instead of writing text in Menu, Navigation and buttons, by adding icons it improves the appearance of the course. In order to create a user friendly experience, you can use icons plus text style so that the learners will be clear what the icon is conveying.

2. As Bullets

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If you are tiered of using bullet points in your courses, instead of bullet points always you can use icons. By placing a relevant image in the shape of a bullet it improves the aesthetic feel of the course and helps the learner to connect with the content by seeing the icon.

3. Supplement information

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The icons can also be used to supplement the key facts and information regarding to a particular module. By using this technique it breaks the lengthy text into points and helps the learners to absorb the information quickly.

4. In Games

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In Games icons can be used as game elements as it can accommodate well in small spaces. Each icon might convey different meaning to the user. In the above image, you can see various icons used in the game elements such as game board shown above, Surprise boxes indicate gifts, Piggy bank icon is shown as finance team and Target board icon is shown as Vision.

5. Icons as Graphics


Icons adds as a relevance and appeal to diagrams, graphs and charts for your infographics. By taking a quick glance at the information the user is able to understand that is conveying about.

In the above image you can see magnifying glass conveying information regarding the point.

Visuals helps in capturing the attention of the viewers and it is a human tendency. By using icons in e-learning, it helps in beautification of the module and also helps the learner to digest the information in a quick way.

I hope my blog gives you clear insights on how icons can be used in an e-learning project. Still having any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.