How to test a file on SCORM Cloud?

After uploading the course on SCORM Cloud, you will be keen to test the e-learning module on SCORM Cloud to check the course status, scores, learner journey etc.

In this blog I will share with you with the various tracking options available in SCORM Cloud and how to test the file on it :

Completion :

Course completion option tells us that whether the user has gone through the complete module or not. If the user has completed the module then it will show as “Completed” or if the user has not completed the module it will show the status as “Incomplete”

Success :

This option will tell us whether the user has successfully passed the module or not, if the user has passed the module then it will show as “Passed” and if the user didn’t complete the module it will show as “Unknown”.

Score :

Score option helps us to know the score of the particular user in the module, if the user has completed the module then it will show as “100%” if the user didn’t complete the module then it will show as “Unknown”. The success and score option can be used whenever you want to test your file which has assessments at the end or multiple assessments of an e-learning course.

Total time :

Total time option tells us for how much duration the user was active on the module.

Reset Progress :

This option will reset the entire progress of learner in the module. If the admin wants to the learner to reattempt the module then by clicking on “Reset Progress” a new attempt for the learner can be started.

Reset Globals :

By using “Reset Globals” option the admin can reset the module for the entire users who are enrolled in the particular course. However, this option is only available for the course admin.

View registration state :

If you want to track any survey or assessment of users data by using “View Registration State” you can know which option the user had selected for the particular assignment. It will also store all the responses of the users in the surveys. It will give the complete learner’s assessment information in the module.

View launch history :

This option tells us at what all times the user has launched the course in SCORM Cloud. It will also give complete information when the session was started time and date as well. Even it provides the complete Log of the user’s journey as well.

I hope this blog helps you to understand how to test a file on SCORM Cloud and how various options function on SCORM Cloud. If you are facing any hiccups in testing the SCORM cloud feel free to contact us at