E-Learning outsourcing is an intensive process that requires considerable time and effort to be invested by both parties – you and the vendor.What you need is not just a vendor who will do what they are told, but a partner who can think with you through your requirements, adding value at every step.

Today, I will share a few insights on what you need to consider while selecting an e-learning vendor for your organization.

1. Experience and Expertise

Vendors who have been in the market for several years have seen the changes in the industry and understand your current needs. On the other hand, the advantage of picking a new e-learning company is that these companies may be more in tune with today’s learners’ needs, and are equipped with the latest e-learning tools, technologies, and strategies.

Thus, be very clear in your selection- whether it is an experienced e-learning company or an expert vendor.  Always, take into account the quality of the experience and not the experience alone in terms of the number of years.

2.Project Management Process

The project management process requires precision, dedication, passion, and the ability to complete the project in the stipulated time.The success of any project depends upon how it is managed and how the process is followed.

Understand how the vendor handles various stages of a project, at what frequency and what channels they use. Also check how they handle exceptions and contingencies, which are bound to arise in any project.

3.Demos/samples to evaluate prior work

To gauge the competence of a vendor, ask for demos or samples of their previous work. Companies may not be able to share some of their work due to non-disclosure agreements with their clients. However, they can share a generic portfolio through which you can judge if they can successfully fulfill your requirement or not.


Cost advantages are important when you are outsourcing your learning services. But, keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You need to look at the cost to quality ratio.

5.Check for client references

A good e-learning vendor would not hesitate in providing references of their previous clients when asked for. Once you have the references, it is important to personally call and get feedback on how their e-learning solution has worked out for them, if the vendor is reliable, the quality and how their learners reacted to the e-learning solution.

Outsourcing your learning requirements to the right e-learning vendor can bring better reputation and business outcomes.Hope these points help you select the best vendor for your needs.