‘I really want to try out the idea of initiating the online learning experience in the organisation, but I feel that the management is not ready to implement elearning as they fear that the employees may not adapt easily to the new learning style of online learning.

I presume that you might have encountered, heard or experienced similar situations or statements, while it is true that online learning offers various benefits like making  the learning process simple and efficient, eliminating the geographical barriers to access the learning content from anywhere and across any device etc.

But there are still many organisations which have not embraced elearning as they feel that elearning will not be the right strategy for their employees .They fear that there will be very fewer takers for elearning or online learning in their organisation.

 A crucial factor in the success of an e-learning initiative is learner/employee motivation.
E-learning is more successful when the learners take the initiative for self-improvement rather than having the training imposed on them.

Employers need to be aware of the fact that a forced learning experience will not yield any effective results in the long run.

Hence In this blog, let’s see some of the popular tips and tweaks which are used for making online learning popular among the employees.

Tip 1

Use marketing techniques to introduce elearning.

When a new product is launched into the market, the marketing team has a busy time preparing the marketing and advertising plans for the product. Why not we take inspiration from these marketing strategies and celebrate the launch of elearning at your organisation?

Some of the activities that can be tried and performed by the learning and development team before the launch of the online learning are –

1.The learning and development can create and build the curiosity among the employees, they can run online competitions and award the winners etc.
2.Educate the employees about the benefits and advantages of elearning.
3.The organisation can send personalized chain emails to the employees inviting them to be the part of the new initiative and changes.
4.Sticking posters on the notice boards and the walls announcing the arrival of a new game changer strategy.

Tips 2

Communicate what is relevant to the learners.

The management should be able to explain to their employees about how the training will be helpful for their roles and for their daily tasks. This can encourage the learners to take the elearning modules voluntarily and their affinity towards the elearning modules increases.

The organisation should be able to communicate the benefits of online learning to the learners which they couldn’t’ enjoy through the traditional classroom training approaches.

Tip 3

Show them the facts and figures about the success of elearning.

Present before the employees some real case studies, statistical facts and figures which can make them believe that elearning is a successfully established learning approach in various organisations.

For example, giving them the evidence or testimonials that say how the strategy is actually sound and that they can achieve success if they dedicate themselves to the eLearning experience.

Tip 4

Introduce the eLearning strategy slowly and steadily.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ – This is an apt and effective proverb in this scenario.

An organisation shouldn’t try to implement the learning strategies all at once to find the success, instead, I  would recommend to plan and give proper time to implement elearning.
When anew learning strategy like online learning is introduced in the organisation, there will be many who will be skeptical about its results and many others who are reluctant to change and adapt the new strategy.

Hence I suggest not to rush up, but take the time to ensure the successful implementation of the  elearning. Let’s not forget that an amazing elearning module can turn the learners to be the fans who will then actively promote the online learning.

Tip 5

Offer a Demo of the course :

Sometimes, there can be learners who might be reluctant to use the technology. In such cases allow the learner to participate and enjoy the demo of the elearning module.

This gives the learners the opportunity to practice and get familiar with the module well in advance.
A demo course can also educate the learners on how to use the new learning technology for their benefit.

A demo course can additionally help the organization to understand  the following –

1.Are people engaging with the material?
2.Do they face any technical difficulty?
3.What issues are they having with the platform?

Tip 6

Keep the contents simple and encourage the engagement among the learning.

Technology has evolved to better ways which have helped elearning to evolve rapidly from the traditional click-next style of learning to advanced levels of games, gamification etc. Hence I recommend you to introduce smaller games or gamification, multimedia videos, problem-solving approach etc in the elearning modules which can bring the element of fun and engagement in the elearning modules.

Tip 7

Give feedback and offer other support

Always provide feedback to your learners and offer any kind of support that they might need to engage in elearning. Receiving feedback and support is very important for engagement that leads to improved learning outcomes.

Tip 8

Rewards can motivate the online learning among the learners.

While implementing elearning, the organisation can reward the learners who perform the right actions or finishes the modules.
These initial rewards can motivate the peer learners to take up the course and thus the course will enjoy more popularity  among the learners.

These are eight tips which you can try to bring more popularity to elearning modules. If  you have come across or used any other tips, feel free to share with us.