When you roll out a gamified e-learning, you may have noticed that there is usually the initial euphoria that eventually plateaus, tapers down or occasionally shoots up!

Ever wondered how can you increase the chances of your next gamified e-learning launch to be grandly successful and the graph shooting up?

While there are various critical facets that make a gamified e-learning successful, one very important aspect which sometimes gets missed out at the planning and gamified e-learning design stage is the learners’ “want” to engage with it.

Now that you want to make your learners “want” it, how can you actually do it?

To start with, think illogically!

While most of corporate training and e-learning modules are designed and built around logical thinking, Human beings work wonders when they act with their free will – naturally; which is seldom logical!

A quick and easy way to get people to shift to this mode is to induce an element of “scarcity” in the gamified elearning design.

The moment a coveted resource become scarce, the illogical or instinctive behavior tends to kick in and the learner automatically gets engaged!

The trick being the scarce resource in the game should be something the leaner “wants” very badly!

For example, in a recent gamified e-learning project that we developed for a leading corporate client, we used the “mountaineering expedition” theme to develop a gamified e-learning structure where the supply of oxygen was used as a scarce resource (which the leaner would want to have in good supply till completion). Linking it with an important learning element increased the potential for engagement.
While using a theme like this, you can also explore providing the option to share oxygen among team-members via a group task can induce collaborative learning.

Sound interesting? Try it and you will love it!

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