There is no doubt that e-learning gamification can enhance engagement in learning. The mundane learning experience can be transformed into fun and engaging one by implementing elements of gamification into learning.

So let’s understand the meaning of gamification of corporate training.

What is gamification of corporate training?

Gamification in simple words is including the game elements and game mechanics to non-game contexts. Whereas corporate training is a means of improving the employees’ performance, morale, and skills, by concentrating on their professional development. For example, the various corporate training requirements can be the following-

  • Training the employees on soft skills and hard skills
  • Conducting employee onboarding or induction of the employees
  • The regular training of  the sales team etc

Be it any organization, irrespective of the size, turnover etc.these corporate training requirements are fulfilled by using various learning strategies like classroom training, e-learning or even a blended learning approach etc. But when you include the game elements and game mechanics to a non-game context i.e corporate training to make the learning process highly engaging and interactive, it becomes fit to be termed as gamification of corporate training.

Gamification of corporate training in its core has the following four key elements:

  • A challenge or a goal that establishes what a person needs to accomplish to win
  • Obstacles or challenges  which need to be overcome to achieve the goal
  • Incentives or rewards that users receive as they overcome obstacles and objectives
  • Game rules that define users’ interaction

Now, let’s quickly explore the most undeniable or must know the benefits of gamification of corporate training or workplace gamification

1.Facilitates behavior change

Behavior change is the process in which an undesired behavior is abandoned in favor of a better one.  Are you wondering how gamification of corporate training can induce a behavior change among the learners?

Well, it’s about understanding the motivators or what motivates the learners and how it can effectively drive the behavior change. This shouldn’t be a trial and error method, instead ,I recommend a detailed study of the target audience to find what motivates them and what can bring the behavior changes in them. The motivation can be categorized into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation involves doing something for its external rewards, like money, fame etc whereas intrinsic motivation is the natural drive of internal factors like enjoyment, satisfaction, player autonomy, social relatedness, mastery, achievement etc. Simply adding the elements such as reward points, achievements, and badges which are external motivational factors, don’t guarantee the desired behavior change. Hence to bring the desired behavior change, the instructional designers should ensure that there is a right balance between the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Striking the right balance in the corporate training gamification can motivate the learners to revisit the learning content and make them perform the following-

  • Learner performs an action.
  • Learner receives a reward for performing that action. This reward triggers the learner ‘s brain and motivates the learner to perform the action again.
  • The level of challenge further induces the learner and invites to perform the action again and pulls him to the reward loop.
  • Learners eagerly perform the action hoping that they get the same result.

This can strengthen the behavior of the brain that can help the learners to slowly change the behavior in the desired way and form a habit.  Thus one of the prime benefits of gamification of corporate training is facilitating the behavior change.

2.Delivers instant feedback

What is feedback in learning?

Feedback in any form of  learning helps the learners to make sense of information about their performance and use it to enhance the quality of their work or learning strategies.

How is the instant feedback a benefit derived from gamification of corporate training?

For the learners, it’s an instant opportunity to relearn. As it helps them to know what went wrong and what are the consequence of their actions and choices . It helps to take corrective actions immediately than waiting until the end which helps in creating instant rewiring of information in the brain that leads to better retention and recall of the learning topics
For example, showing learners their progress, scores and achievements motivates them to work harder to beat their own personal scores and to be the best as compared to their coworker/s or peer learners.

3.Improves the productivity of employees

According to the research, 80% of learners said their productivity would increase if gamification or game-like elements were included in the learning process.

What is employee productivity?

Employee productivity (sometimes referred to as workforce productivity) is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers

How gamification can boost employee productivity?

Every corporate training is aimed to enhance the employee productivity by enabling them to upskill, reskill and polish their existing knowledge to perform better in the respective job roles or job streams. By gamifying the corporate e-learning, organizations are able to engage the learners, who are extrinsically motivated to complete the training which is otherwise not seen in existing training mechanism like classroom training etc. The carefully chosen game mechanics in e-learning gamification like rewards, challenges etc engage the learners and motivates to complete the learning process. Over a period of time, constant extrinsic motivation leads to intrinsic motivation and a marked behavioral change in the work. This benefits the organisation in training the workforce more effectively and boosting employee productivity

4.Increases learner engagement

What is learner engagement?

Learner engagement is a measure that reflects the quantity and quality of a learner’s participation in their courses and every other aspect of their educational program.

In today’s world of limited attention span and increasing distractions, the corporate L&D is facing the challenge of creating and sustaining the learner engagement . The traditional classroom training has failed big time as it disengages and makes the learning experience too boring..  With the millennials loving games, e-learning gamification is an ideal strategy to bring back the engagement in learning.

How the use of gamification in workplace training can enhance learner engagement?

1.Using the right game mechanics and game elements
2.Use of rewards in e-learning gamification
3.Creating competition
4. Make it social

Here are my 5 handpicked tips to engage the learners  with e-learning gamification covered in ona single blog

5.Induces competition

Do you know that human brains are wired to enjoy the competition?
Remember the first time you achieved more marks than your friend and you were so proud of it, defeating your opponent in the favorite game and enjoying the moment of  ‘Hurrah I have done it !!’

These show that we humans love competition and enjoys the spirit of winning it.

In learning, the organization can use gamification of corporate training as a strategy to add the game elements like leader boards to induce competition among the learners. The leader boards that are visible to all the learners, motivates them to climb the leader board positions and reach the top.

By inducing competition, the organization is able to-

Ensure that there is better learner engagement
•Retention of the learning topic is more as the learner puts more effort in understanding the learning topic and score points to top the leader board.

6. Keeps the momentum live for self-paced learning

The implementation of various learning strategies like gamification of corporate training, allows the learners to learn at their own pace and maintain the learning momentum.  As seen in case of most of the self-paced learning, learners tend to get bored after a while and leave the learning process in between, gamification can address this to some extent by adding sweeteners like rewards, motivators etc.

While gamification of corporate training does not totally eliminate the boredom but addresses it to a significant extent.

7.Augments the retention and recall

What is the retention of learning?

Retention of learned information can be defined as having the information stored in long-term memory in such a way that it can be readily retrieved, for example, in response to standard prompts.
While we saw various benefits of implementing gamification of corporate training, there is a prime benefit that  motivates the organisation to implement e-learning gamification i.e increasing the retention and recall of the learning topics
If we evaluate how gamification of corporate training can increase the retention and recall of the learning topics, I must say that it is a combination of all the above-mentioned benefits.

Gamification of corporate training focuses on giving learners instant feedback and reward the correct actions of the learners. By giving the rewards for achieving the goals, milestones, and challenges, the learners begin to associate the learning with positive emotions, prompting them to try to repeat the process. Thus the learner is motivated to continue the learning process and revisit the gamification of learning, leading to enhanced retention and recall of the learning topics.

If you’re still skeptical, here are some study reports that you can refer to-

For example, studies have found that when learning is gamified it’s more enjoyable for learners leading to increased engagement with content which means higher levels of knowledge retention.

  • Scientific study tells us that games can activate the hippocampal area of the brain(the part of the brain that is responsible for recall for the learners)
  • Gameplay reduces the stress-  Studies at Texas A&M International University study showed that gameplay reduces the stress of the employees. A stress-free environment can help the learner to enjoy the learning process aiding better retention and recall of the learning topics.

As you can see there are several benefits of gamification of corporate training. So are you ready to gamify your corporate training requirements?. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions on the comment box below. You can also write to me at