We have seen that many learners find the content of courses on compliance training to be dull and boring. As a result, they are not motivated to take up the courses.

To impart engaging compliance training, we need to transform “lifeless” compliance training material into interesting learning resources. How do we do this? One of the ways to overcome the monotonous nature of compliance training is to develop game-based learning resources.The element of competition in game-based learning will act as a motivator to learn well.

Game-based Learning for compliance courses can help in a stress -free training. Most compliance courses are required to be completed within the timeframe prescribed by regulatory authorities or  organization’s compliance team, and this could create stress among learners. The game element in learning will make learning a pleasure, and this will increase the effectiveness of the courses and enable to deliver a good training.

It facilitates the effective retention of information compared to traditional forms of training, as it helps make cognitive processing more efficient. For instance, knowledge of rules acquired through game-based courses is more likely to stick longer than information “dumped” on learners through bulleted PowerPoint presentations.

It is very important to ensure that the game helps the learners connect with the compliance training content as it is easy for the learners to get off-track, if they cant relate the learning content to their learning needs.

Game-based learning thereby helps to transform a bland compliance training content into lively, effective learning materials and will help to develop winning compliance courses.