Fonts are the crucial element for E-learning design and development. Depending on the font we select, an E-learning course  may look professional and well organized or amateurish and sloppy.We might want to pick a trendy, new font but it may not be appropriate for the context or conten The font can make or break learners attention. As eLearning professionals it’s important to have a basic knowledge of fonts.

In this blog let us see few tips which will help in making the right selection of fonts for your -learning course.

Know your fonts: Different fonts convey a different meaning. One has to always keep your audience in mind while selecting fonts- is it for children or adults or employees. According to the audience, your choice should be appropriate for them for your E-learning context.

Consistency: When you’re designing an eLearning course, you shouldn’t treat all your text equally. Learners viewing your course will naturally scan your slides to determine what’s most important and what’s least important.When selecting fonts, choose contrasting font styles for heading and body content. It can also help to make headings a few sizes larger than your body content.

Three is the best: One should always keep in mind not to select more than 3 different fonts in a single course as it makes the reading process complex. When you use too many fonts in the E-learning course it loses a sense of cohesiveness and makes the design to suffer. Use one main header font, body font, and maybe have one extra for embellishments.

Minimal text: Too much textual information on the E-learning module can also be a bad thing so you have to keep the text short and sweet to get the point clearly with style. Your focus should be to drive engagement and keep the design simple and clean. Never burden the learner with huge paragraphs of text.

Also, use emphasis formatting when it has some specific meaning to the course content and the learner. Bolding text for headers, underlining hyperlinks, or italicizing quotes are all acceptable ways to emphasize your text.

Know the etiquette: While selecting the fonts one should not forget the etiquette of fonts i.e. :

– Selecting appropriate font size
– Select appropriate line length and spacing
– Making the correct use of underlying, italics, bold, ALL CAPS, Centered text, bold text, and color text.

Fonts are a great way to give our courses personality and also maybe tie in with the theme of the course. This quick tips will help to conserve your most valuable possession as an E-learning professional and learner’s attention.