Microlearning is a trend to watch out for in 2018. All organizations large or small is including microlearning as a part of their learning strategies due to the various benefits it offers. In this blog, I will share the benefits of microlearning for the employees and the organizations as well.

Let’s first explore the benefits of microlearning for employees:

1. More learner-centric approach

Microlearning modules are short duration modules and are designed with a learner-centric approach where the learner enjoys more flexibility in the learning process. The short micro-nuggets keeps the learner engaged and eliminates information overload. Further, the advancement of technology like mobile learning helps the easy access to the learning content from multiple mobile devices giving more flexibility to the learners.

2. Increases knowledge retention

If the Microsoft study is to be believed, the average attention span of a human is less than 10 seconds. Microlearning is an ideal learning strategy to deliver information in short bursts that are ideally less than 10 minutes. As each micro nugget is only 5-10 minutes it easy for the learners to focus and retain the knowledge they have learned.

3. Less time-consuming

Compared with the traditional learning strategies like classroom learning or traditional e-learning, microlearning is less time-consuming. Every Micro nugget sits between an ideal duration of 5-10 minutes and has individual learning goals and objectives. This eliminates the need for learners or employees to go through the entire learning topic. Microlearning content can be created and deployed much quicker when compared to other forms of learning strategies like e-learning or classroom training.

4. Enables learning on the go

Microlearning empowers learning with JIT (Just In Time) where learners can learn on the go and at the point of need. Thanks to the modern technology and increasing penetration of mobile devices as it allows the learners to access the learning content from anywhere and any device  This is very beneficial for training the sales team who are always in the field. The salesperson can easily access the learning content on the go at his/her convenience.

5. Improves motivation

Since microlearning can be learned on the go and are less time consuming, learners feel more confident and motivated when they have completed a micro-module to handle any on the job performance issues.

Now let’s see what are the benefits for the organization by implementing microlearning in the organization:

1. Easily update the content

Microlearning enables the organization to easily and quickly update the learning content. The organizations can quickly and easily deploy any updates to the content like a change in the policy or addition of a new product feature etc. This enables organizations to keep their training content up-to-date.

2. Increases ROI

Microlearning as a learning strategy offers a better return on investment (ROI) for organizations. With the advancement of technology like mobile learning and with more organisations implementing BYOD policies etc microlearning offers a better ROI for organisation as it requires only minimum resources and the cost of developing and implementing microlearning is less.

3.Helps to identify knowledge gaps

As microlearning helps the organizations to close the skill gap immediately, it will address where the person is going wrong in the process or what is the new update in the company immediately within 10 minutes. Thus helping him to rectify his mistake/update the current knowledge and carry on with the process.

4.Promotes a happy workplace

Microlearning helps to get instant feedback as soon as the learning is over. As employees undergo more training sessions in shorter intervals, it will boost their intrinsic motivation and creates a happy work environment.

5.Reduces attrition rate

87% of millennials (and 69% of non-millennials) rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. The lack of these growth opportunities in an organisation will lead to increased attrition. Microlearning through its bite-sized learning model enables organizations to roll out and launch modules at a quick pace and invest more in training of its employees, resulting in positive impact and reduced attrition rate. Thus the employees will start feeling that they are valued 

Microlearning, though micro by nature is a powerful learning mechanism for both organizations and employees. Do you agree with my views? I would love to hear your comments.

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