While  eLearning modules are still valuable and solid, employees and learners in general start getting fed-up with it. Mostly because of its lack of interactivity and storytelling.  Nowadays, use of eLearning games in training is gaining popularity. It enables trainers to add interactivity and storytelling to the online training, and thus to fight against boredom.

1.Easy and quick to setup

With the arrival of new serious game authoring tools, you actually can make your serious game development pretty quickly and easily. Its intuitive interface and drag and drop system will blow you away. It is also very easy to set up graphical environments as well. The contents are available in both 2D and 3D modes.

2. eLearning Games Are Engaging

One of the challenge that we are facing is to engage their audience.Learners are fed-up with classical eLearning modules, which are linear and do not propose much interactivity. That is the reason why their engagement rate is pretty low in average. eLearning Games  enables the long  1- 2 hours of elearning course become 2 funny hours during which you retain the information because you stay focused on the topic.


With the help of authoring tools like ITyStudio,Articulate 360, you can  export your learning simulations(games) at the SCORM format. When it is done, you can then import it into your Learning Management System, and analyze your learners’ results from this interface. This way, you will be able get  clear and precise answer about the ROI.

4. Cost Effective

By getting your own serious game authoring tool, you can create your eLearning games easily, quickly, and really inexpensively. You just have to make a one-time investment to get the tool, and you are good to go. A serious game authoring tool will enable you to create as many eLearning games as you want, as many time as you want.

As a result, eLearning games inprove learner engagement and motivates them to achieve their goals.