Traditional approach of learning has created its own space in the induction training program. It is implemented by many organization across and have been delivering results in its own way, but with the revolution in digital world it has changed the perception of many in terms of how they approach their learning.

It has also affected many organizations as more than 70% of the employees during the induction training are disengaged throughout the session. This might be because of the organization failing to understand the learners’ perception or maybe the learners were not comfortable with the language, approach and also may be because of heavy jargon’s being used.

It has become a serious issue as induction process decides how long will the employees continue with the organization based on their experiences during the induction process.

To overcome such situations, let us now look at few of the points to justify why E-Learning is significant for the induction training:

Helps in better employee engagement: Study says that 30% of the employees are engaged during induction, 18% are totally disengaged and remaining 52% are partially disengaged. Therefore, 70% of the employees are mostly disengaged during induction. With extreme flexibility, E-Learning allows the employees in learning at their own pace and time and with extra game assessment, it makes the modules even more engaging which eventually results in better employee engagement.

Localization and Flexibility: Currently most of the people prefer a flexible way of learning and a content that is easily accessible. E-Inducting your new employees can be highly beneficial as it provides all the flexibility and mediums through which employees are engaged throughout the sessions, and with the option of localizing your eInduction into the preferred language, it has made easier for the learners to learn in the language they are comfortable with.

Ensures successful completion of E-Induction Training: E-induction guarantees a quality content providing a wide range of information and messages about the organization that is required by the new employees. It ensures successful completion of E-induction training as e-learning is a platform where one can learn at their convenience without waiting for a trainer or any other support.

Cost Effective: Since It is a one-time cost module and is very useful for organizations, in the long run, it helps them in saving a lot of time and money. As the E-Induction content is already well developed it can be used again for new employees joining in future and bringing in necessary changes if and when required.

Helps in tracking the progress level of an employee: It helps the organizations in keeping a track of the progress level that the employees show at the time of his learning. This ensures that employees learning is on track and they can bring in necessary changes as per the feedback received.

With the digital revolution, many learners are looking out for flexibility when it comes to learning. The success of E-Inducting your new employees gets that extra edge as compared to that of classroom training. So, when are you planning to migrate your induction training into effective E-Learning module?