E-learning Gamification

If you have a learning need, we can gamify it for you!

E-learning Gamification

By definition, gamification is the application of game mechanics (eg. points, badges, leaderboards etc.) to non-game situations. With the proliferation of internet, use of gamification has become quite feasible for learning as learners can now easily engage with each other in constructive collaboration and competition.

The one prime reason to gamify training programs is that gamification tremendously enhances the effectiveness of e-learning by making it more engaging and competitive.

Gamification of learning deals primarily with extrinsic motivation but over a period of time can be used as an effective tool to change the behavior of employees.While gamification as a concept seems quite simple, its design and deployment play a key role in deriving desired results.

With an aspiration to be known as one of the top e-learning gamification companies in India, at XLPro we focus on understanding specific learning needs and custom-design every e-learning gamification solution to deliver best possible results.Every learning can be gamified by thoroughly analyzing the learning need, designing the theme and game-play and finally developing modules using the appropriate technology and deploying it.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Better Retention and Recall.
  • Ease of tracking progress and performance.
  • Higher engagement and collaboration among learners.
  • Application of concepts can be easily blended with learning.
  • Increases desire for proactive learning.
  • Learners can engage and compete across geographies in real time.
  • Multiple levels ensure proper progression and specific learners can be given customized attention as per their performance.

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Examples of E-Learning Gamifiction

Sample of Gamification of Employee Induction based on the theme of Space Rescue
Sample of Gamification of Employee Induction based on the theme of Space Rescue
Sample on Gamification of Learning on Medical and Healthcare E-Learning
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