E-Learning has shown a tremendous growth in the recent years and have delivered a positive result across. E- Learning is nothing but learning with “E”, it is the use of any electronic medium for making the learning more effective and interactive.

To understand E-Learning one must understand the following 3 words:
I.Asynchronous: Any content which is created and saved to post it online on the web or download it on our computer or mobile to view it for future reference is Asynchronous.

II.Synchronous: Something which is conducted live is synchronous. e.g. A webinar.

III.Blended: This means blending the E-Learning context and combination of Asynchronous and synchronous together for effectively delivering a message, communication or knowledge to a defined audience is blended.

Now, let us see how E-learning helps an organization in effectively onboarding the employees:

Helps in better retention and recall: Induction programs objective is to ensure every employee gets the same response and feeling irrespective of where he is and what he is doing. This helps the organization in retaining the employees in a better way and also with its flexibility and easy access it helps the employee in better recall in case he/she has forgotten something taught during the induction.

Effective utilization of time: Many of the employees hail from different locations, so it is impossible for them to come over before joining the organization. With its extreme flexibility, E-induction helps the organization in reaching out to the maximum by allowing the employees in getting the access to the induction module from any location at the required time.

Highly cost effective: This module is highly cost-effective as long as you are aware of what you want the content for and how much you want it developed? The cost incurred is one time and as a ready E-learning module, the same content can be used for the new employees joining in the future without additional cost incurred and bringing in necessary changes if required.

High engagement level of the participant: Any content is good when the participants are engaged in the session throughout. E-learning after coming to the picture it has made the learning even more engaging and interesting for the learners and with extreme flexibility E-Learning allows the employees in learning at their own pace and time and with extra game assessment, it makes the modules even more engaging which eventually results in better employee engagement.

Easy access to the module irrespective of the location: Unlike the traditional way of training where the organization, as well as the new employee, have to wait for the joining date of the employees to give an overview of the organization and briefing on the new job role, E-learning allows the employees in getting an overview of the organization irrespective of where they are by providing an easy access to the module. This will help the new employees in getting familiar with the new work environment even before joining the organization.

I have attempted to highlight the importance of E-learning for effective employee onboarding. Feel free to share your thoughts at hello@playxlpro.com.