In my previous blog post, I have written in detail about the top Instructional Design Challenges in e-learning. In continuation of the post, let’s have a look at the top 6 e-learning development challenges.

1.Creating modules in a limited time

What is progress? The deadlines are nearing…
You might have heard this statement from your client who holds your neck tight to deliver the contents before the deadline. This can be very challenging to the developers as there are chances that they may commit mistakes by speeding up the development process. The developers will not face this challenge if they can maintain transparency in informing the client about the status of the project at various levels at regular intervals.

2.Balancing budgets

Every E-learning project comes with sanctioned budgets and limited resources. The developer should be able to quote a cost that covers his cost plus the profit margin. Having a realistic estimate of what the project will be required before turning it into a proposal is very important as this will help  the developers to fine-tune the development process according to the budget and in getting the desired profit margin

3.The quality of the content

While developing an e-learning course, ensure that you have the quality learning content available for developing the e-learning module. If not, it is time to conduct effective research or consult with a Subject Matter Expert to further polish the learning content with more adequate information.

4.Learners adaptability and readiness

Be it any e-learning module the probability of learners not being engaged cannot be fully neglected. They may be distracted, confused or even demotivated As an e-learning professional one must come out with highly interactive modules that are aligned to the learning objective and satisfies the requirement as well as the preference of the learners.

5.Finding the right e-learning authoring tool

The present market of the rapid authoring tool is flooded with numerous options which creates the problem of plenty. If you’re looking for a rapid authoring tool, finding the right tool is not an easy task as it’s recommended to analyze the various options and arrive at the decision. Click here to read more about choosing the right e-learning authoring tool.

6.Evaluating the effectiveness of the program

Another big challenge is to keep a track of the learners’ progress in that module to find out whether the module is delivering the desired outcome. The manager in charge should find out whether the new initiatives are working out for the employees and how well they are getting acquainted with it.