Consultation and Advise on E-Learning

With technology and processes changing at an ever increasing pace, it is important to be future proof while planning and rolling out e-­learning initiatives

If you are planning to start e‐learning at your organization, revamping legacy e-learning systems or looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your e‐learning initiatives, our E­‐Learning experts have the experience of working on hundreds of projects and the expertise of a wide array of diverse projects for organizations across the globe are here to help.

Some of our areas of expertise in E‐Learning Consulting include:

We can thoroughly go through your TNA with you and clearly suggest which of the programs are ideal to be run as synchronous or asynchronous e-­learning courses and tactical ways to enhance their ROI.

We can conduct a thorough feasibility analysis on various parameters like technical, geographical, learner orientation etc. to define the feasibility of initiating specific e-­‐ learning initiatives at your organization, thereby saving heavily on cost and time.

E-­Learning projects usually come with a lot of investments in terms of time, effort and money. We can help you optimize all these precious resources by laying out a clear process map along with expected ROI to help you formulate decisions and implement your e-learning projects with ease.

When it comes to hosting your e-­learning modules, conducting live online courses or selecting an appropriate authoring tools, our experts can analyze your exact requirement and suggest the most optimal solution for you.

Having an e-­learning module is like having the boat ready; the river is yet to be crossed. We can define specific parameters to help you smoothly rollout your e-learning programs, evaluate and interpret learner feedback and make course corrections to enhance learning effectiveness.

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