With people spending more and more times with their mobiles, M-Learning is clearly the easiest and fastest way to learn!

M-Learning Videos

While Videos have been integral to a lot of e-learning modules for a while, watching them on a mobile devise can be cumbersome if not designed for m-learning.

Some of the key attributes of M-­Learning videos are:

  • Bite Sized videos conveying the key message clearly.
  • Smaller file sizes for easy downloads over mobile internet.
  • Clear visibility of objects on a smaller screen.
  • Colors and resolution optimized for mobile screens.
  • Multiple videos sequenced for continuity of learning in a systematic manner.
  • Audio effects optimized for mobile devises.

Our team of expert designers, video producers and animators have the capability to transform your learning content or existing learning videos in to highly engaging
m-learning videos which can be easily played over all mobile devises likes mobile phones, tabs and ipads.

Html 5 Courses

If you have your current content in any form, we can develop/publish it into HTML5 for effectively accessing across devices.


  • We thoroughly review the current course content from the UI and UX point of view and provide you with specific inputs on how it can be converted to HTML5 and which elements need to be redeveloped for better user experience.

  • We will then develop the course in HTML5 using the contents in a manner to provide a thorough learning experience across devises.

  • The HTML5 file is then thoroughly tested across devises and browsers before delivering it to you.

Samples of HTML5 Courses

Amazing race gamified elearning module home screen
Critical thinking skills elearning module home screen with vector graphic of human head and gearwheels in it
Mission Everest Gamified elearning home screen
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