In my recent article, I had mentioned about  some important eLearning tools that eLearning professionals use to deliver excellent eLearning courses.. This article continues with additional eLearning  tools that you may find useful or valuable.


Lectora Inspire 

Lectora is a Windows desktop authoring tool. It’s been around a long time, but recently a cloud-based HTML5 version of the authoring tool has been added, which gives great flexibility. Lectora’s steep learning curve means you can’t expect amazing output quickly, but if you invest time, you can create web-style content that looks good.


Elucidat is a very popular name among the  HTML5 eLearning authoring tools that features a custom theme builder, pre-made templates, collaboration tools, and a user-friendly design interface.
It allows eLearning course designers to create eLearning courses that comply with Section 508 requirements and ensures that your content can be accessed from all devices, portable or not.

The recent versions of Elucidat have also built more powerful analytics version which is able to communicate and generate various assessment reports like how much time a user spends for a particular screen or module etc. These can be great insights for the management.


With the help of quick editing and formatting tools in Raptivity, you can create impeccable interfaces for all your courses, customize your lessons just the way you need and have the course published both in HTML5 and Flash for added benefits. However, flash to HTML5 migration is always recommended.


Easygenerator enables instructional designers and subject matter experts to rapidly create engaging courses that have the high learning impact. Being on the cloud, Easygenerator requires no coding and no installation.Like other authoring tools, Easygenearator also claims about being future proof of responsive designs and better and smooth interactivity.


Provides users with various options of authoring templates and themes, a colorful and fun user interface, and the ability to create text-based courses within minutes claims their website. Gomo is well recommended by industry experts when the course is to be viewed on multiple devices or gadgets like desktops, laptops, mobiles, and iPad etc.

Edge Animate CC

This tool helps to create interactive content and HTML animations that can be easily integrated into the course being developed for better user experience. With added capabilities such as on-stage text editing, the tool strives to eliminate the use of pop-ups for content editing and style additions.

The list doesn’t end here, as there are many more authoring tools which are available in the market.

The growing importance for elearning has paved the way for more options to the users as well as developers. For the users or the learners, elearning promises more engagement and interaction in the modules with more personalize contents and for the developers, it’s an amazing time as there are a lot of new and available elearning authoring tools with various options and new features to make some amazing elearning modules.